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Bi-Colored Edit

Above you can see a photo that I shot somewhere at the Wakenitz river in Lübeck. The original image was fine but not too interesting, and when that is the case I often try to experiment with images. I did try different things in Lightroom with the Color Efex Pro 4 plugin that you can get as a free download with the Google Nik Collection. I found a filter called “bi-colored user-defined”. It’s some kind of a graduated filter, you can choose a color for the top of the image and a color for the bottom. I used green at the top and blue at the bottom to make both, the water in the front and the plants in the background more flashy. It was experimenting, but I loved it how this did basically separate both, and how it started to look more artificial, artsy or more colourful. It doesn’t look real anymore, but that’s what I really liked.


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