The Cat Tree Issue

Tuxedo Cat

I wanted to share an edited photo of my cat Shyna, but something related weights on my mind so that I use this post to chat a bit. I did finish my living room and now I am looking to purchase a new cat scratching post. It’s funny, I can’t count anymore how often I discovered a niche over the last years. It basically happened again this week, at least to a certain extend. Most cat climbing trees that are sold in Germany are beige-colored, our old tree was the same. The color is ok but not exactly what I would call modern. It looks rather boring, and somehow antiquated. But that is not the real issue, the problem is that it’s hard to find one in a special color.

Since the paper lamp on the left side of my TV lowboard is white, I thought it would fit if I would have a white cat tree on the right side. And yes, I found some but there are so few that I would have to make another design compromise. In other words, if you have just a few to choose from, the chance is little that you find a good one that you like. Why on earth are white scratching posts not a thing in Germany? Why on earth are 90% of the cat trees on the German market in the color beige? I am not a craftsman, but if I would be, I would conquer this niche to create scratching posts that actually fit well into different kind of living rooms. Even if it’s rare, I saw a black one in a pet shop today and it looked great, but I think I would see every single white hair of my cat on the fabrics, which means it would be an hourly job to remove the cat hairs from the tree. I hope I find what I am looking for.


4 thoughts on “The Cat Tree Issue

  1. I suspect beige is a more appreciated (neutral) color, since once cats begin using it, just their paws will turn it an interesting color, usually beige. While black would show the cat hairs, white would show the dirt. I have one here in the kitchen, I wrapped an ugly lumpy rug tightly around an upright post, and stapled it in place. It’s dark beige, and has been in use for maybe 25 years. Only recently did I notice it darkening where the cats use it the most.

    1. That’s a really good point, I guess you are right. It’s definitely a neutral color and since I have a tuxedo cat, I did not find any black or white hairs on the beige tree. My beige tree is darker now too since it’s 7 years old. Mine darkened too where the cat used it but it did a great job for all the years.

      I didn’t think about dirt with white, but I see how this can be a problem. I saw a white one in an internet store where you could swap the fabrics or wash them, but I didn’t like the arrangement or design of the whole tree. The black one was totally awesome, I saw it in real in the store. I almost purchased it, but then it came to my mind how my black polo shirts look like when I cuddled with my cat 😀 I love black, but with the white hairs of my cat it’s an issue 😦

  2. It is an issue. Unless you want to devote more of your spare time to cleaning cat hair of a black cat tree i would stick with the boring neutral. Mine is a sort of cream/beige with a design of paw prints but it is in the small room near the back door not in the living room so looks are less of an issue for me.

    1. Yeah, I just can’t purchase a black one, my black polo shirts are not compatible with Shyna’s white hairs either 😀 Interestingly enough I never saw her black hairs on my white polo shirts. So, a white scratcher could work, but as someone else here wrote, then dirt will be a problem over time. But as said, there are not much white cat trees to purchase anyway, not even in the internet. White just would fit to the right side, I think it would look great in the living room. I continue on my search, otherwise it’ll be one in beige again.I could put it in another corner, and place different white decor or plants on the right side of my lowboard. I will see.

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