Outdoor Cat

Black and White Outdoor Cat

A week ago I was roaming around in the garden area with my camera because I wanted to photograph birds, but then I saw something behind a fence in the scrub moving. It was the cat that you can see in the picture above. If the photo looks a bit cloudy, that’s effect due to the fact that I shot through a fence. But somehow this fits to the image. Maybe because it gives the image the paparazzo vibe (laugh). This cat did not like paparazzi and disappeared in the deeper scrub after I shot the photo. It’s the time again to go outside, maybe I can grow the cat photo collection on my blog during spring and summer. I don’t have a lot of photos of outdoor cats on my blog, I’d like to grow this collection too.

4 thoughts on “Outdoor Cat

  1. I like the photo. Many strays and feral cats are photographed in urban areas. I like that this one is in the brush where she seems curious and nervous at the same time.

    1. I see many outdoor cats here in our district between the streets and houses too, but often when I don’t have my camera with me except the smartphone.

      Yes, I believe it was a cat of the garden owners in that garden area. But this cat roamed from one garden to the other through the scrup, very careful because it saw me. 🙂

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