Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree

We sometimes have very stormy seasons in Northern Germany. Definitely not as bad as in some US States or other places with brutal natural force, but weather also got stronger here over the years. We even had tornadoes destroying whole villages, or cutting patterns through forest areas. It’s still happening infrequently, but it isn’t unusual anymore.

I’ve seen two tornadoes with my own eyes, but they’ve been small and disappeared. One was visible from our district but disappeared before it could cause any damage. The other one was much larger but outside at the baltic sea, visible from the beach. My mother recorded a video of the tornado in our district but I am not sure if she still has the video, I should ask her.

But pure velocity of wind alone can cause damage too, that’s what happened in the picture above. The photo was shot after a day with increased wind speeds and many trees in our district got uprooted like those fragile matches. That’s force of nature.

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