Travemünde Beach in Black and White

Travemünde Beach in Black and White

Here is a photo that wasn’t great in color, but I didn’t want to delete it. Instead I converted it to black and white. The photo was shot in 2015 at the beach in Travemünde. From time to time, I am still trying to upload some older photos as well, because I want to show them on my blog too.

7 thoughts on “Travemünde Beach in Black and White

  1. It looks quite old fashioned in black and white. Are these little changing rooms that people can hire? They remind me of pictures I’ve seen of Victorian “bathing machines” where ladies used to get changed in the days of long dresses and lots of underwear except that the bathing machines were on wheeled carts which would be placed at the waters edge so that the lady did not have to be seen in her bathing dress on dry land.

    1. No, we call them “Strandkorb” (singular) or “Strandkörbe” (plural)…. you can sit in them, and they protect you from the wind. They are not chaning rooms. These are very traditional seats and you find tham at every beach here. But you have to rent them, and the rent is expensive. I’ve never done this, most people are ok with towels on the ground 🙂 But there are definitely some fans of Strandkörbe. When people change dress, they usually use a towel, it seems people developed a technique to change from bathe clothes to the normal clothes… I do it too with just a towel. With womans, you sometimes see how they help each other, for example that a friend holds a towel so that nobody can see her friend changing clothes.

      These beach baskets have a different use, and a long history:

      1. That’s interesting, they must be more like the beach huts on English beaches, although these are more elaborate and were wooden.
        Here some beaches have multi purpose toilet changing areas but most have nothing and people use their towels as you describe although I can’t verify this as I don’t go to the beach. There are usually open air showers so you can wash the salt and sand off you so some might just throw a T-shirt on and go home perhaps if they live near the beach.

        1. It’s funny how different countries have different things on the beach. The beach huts look almost like garden sheds.

          We also have open air showers. When I was little, people always told me I need to shower after being in the Baltic Sea… I couldn’t understand this and asked “But why? I am clean, I just came out of the water?!”. Then I got told that the salt of the water would bleach my tan. I never researched if this would be true.

          I am very practical when I go to the beach. At home, instead of putting on boxer shorts, I just put on my bathers. On the beach I just put off my shoes, socks, jeans and shirt… and I am ready to go bathe 🙂 Since it’s usually sunny when you go to the beach, the bather dries very quickly in the sun. So, all I need to do is getting early enough out of the water if I plan to go home. Like planning to lie on the towel for 30 mins before I drive home. These silk-like bathe shorts really dry fast in the sun. So, I just have to put my clothes on again. At home I change clothes anyway, because it’s all full of sand, even if I had my jeans in a plastic bag… it never works, sand will get anywhere 😀

          So, yeah, I am that “throwing a T-shirt on” type of person too 🙂 Also I usually shower at home, because if I shower at the beach, it just takes the way to my clothes to have sand on me again… or being on the towel. So, at home I really can get the sand off me.

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