Quack Quack Quack

Today I walked near the Trave River, because I had to do some errands in the city. I like to make a detour, because it’s more relaxing to walk along the river, instead of the boring streets. I enjoyed my walk, but then out of the sudden I heard “Quack Quack Quack”. I saw a duck and a couple of ducklings! Of course, yet again, I didn’t have my camera with me, but I did at least react quickly enough to take some photos with my smartphone. Here are the snapshots…

5 thoughts on “Quack Quack Quack

  1. Ducklings are always cute. I stopped today to let a mother and her ducklings cross the road but I worried about them because the road is very busy with three lanes in each direction. They made it past the first three lanes but I had to drive on and didn’t see what happened next.

    1. They are, I wish I had my camera plus 70-300mm with me… but well, you can’t always have it with you. I am glad that you have been careful, I hope others have been too.

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