Hello Squirrel

squirrel close-up

As I said in my previous post, I saw two squirrels today and got a chance to take some photos. I got really close with my 70-300mm lens and cropped the image above even further. The image was shot at ISO 1250, which means I saw a lot of noise after cropping but I used noise reduction in Lightroom and brought back sharpness with the sharpening tool. I also increased the luminance of the orange colors because the squirrel was pretty dark due to the backlighting (the squirrel was in the middle of the sunlight and the camera). I also decreased the saturation of the green and yellow colors because the leaves in the depht of field area behind the squirrel were too bright and too distracting. I also flipped the image horizontally. Apart from that, I did the usual tonal changes (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and so on). I am really like how it looks like after the editing because the RAW image was quite a bit flawed. Do you like the photo above? Here is how it looked like before editing…

unedited squirrel

12 thoughts on “Hello Squirrel

    1. Yes, I had luck with this shot. I like the pose too 🙂 At least we have one animal here in Germany with a special color 😀 Our birds, for example, are much more boring than elsewhere, not all of them but it seems other places have much more colorful birds.

    1. Thanks. I am glad the squirrel was curious and interested to know what I am doing there on the path… that gave me enough time to take the photo. And the pose of the squirrel really shows that “Hey human, what ya doing there?” 🙂

        1. That’s what I like so much about shooting RAW format. You can recover tones and colors very well without breaking the image too much.

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