Easter Barbecue

I don’t eat a lot of meat anymore but that doesn’t mean that I became a vegetarian. I still eat meat but in moderation. But some days ago when I walked through the garden areas to photograph cats, it smelled of freshly grilled meat everywhere as most people seem to have their first barbecue with the good weather. That made me lust for a barbecue as well and I told my mother, who then said that she planned a barbecue with her husband on Easter Sunday and she then invited me as well. That was today. I photographed her husband preparing the things on the grill and I also photographed my plate. It was tasty but it’s also easy to overeat, which makes you feel exhausted afterward. I think I ate too much and now I am tired and exhausted.

I brought along a package of sausages, a package of neck steaks, barbecue sauce, and cabbage salad. My mother purchased two packages of neck steaks, baguettes, mustard and potato salad. We also had a bit of fun with Sambal Oelek, an Indonesian chili sauce. Her husband got this gifted and said it would be incredibly hot and he almost died eating it. My mother and I are very used to hot and spicy meals, like Tunisian Couscous as an example. So, the Sambal Oelek wasn’t a challenge at all and her husband was very surprised when he saw us keeping a straight face. My second steak was completely sunken in a pond of Sambal Oelek and her husband said: “Now, this will kill you”. I still kept a straight face. Was it spicy? A little bit on the tongue, yes, but very weak in my opinion. He couldn’t believe us. But I ate things in my life that were quite a lot spicier than that. I like spicy things.

We also threw whole onions with skin on the grill today, that’s something her husband learned from a garden neighbor. When they’re done, you just put the on your plate and remove the skin. The onion will taste extremely good, almost as if they were swimming in butter. So, yeah, we had a really nice day. I hope your Easter day was good too. Happy Easter!

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