The Classic Editor Script Was Updated

classic editor wordpress

Here is just a small hint that tPenguinLTG saved us once again as he updated the classic editor redirect script. This makes my guide about how to install it up to date again as well. Just a small tip, I had it installed and it didn’t uptate itself. So, it might be that you need to deinstall the script and install it freshly as explained in my guide. So, for now, life got easier again and all writing buttons will redirect us to the classic editor until they get rid of it entirely. But until that happens, I continue to keep you updated about the most recent workarounds here, where you will find the most recent ones at the top.

4 thoughts on “The Classic Editor Script Was Updated

    1. I only had to reinstall the script, but yes, reinstalling Greasemonkey (in my case) would have been the next step. I am glad it works for you now.

      tPenguinLTG did a great service to the community. Without his script, I would have gone insane far earlier (remembering the beep beep boop editor).

      Like you said in the reblogged post, we do now have at least a little bit more time.

    1. I can’t thank tPenguinLTG enough. He saved the classic editor fans headaches several times already. Even if it now probably only will give us a little bit more time, I share the workarounds so that classic users can get that time and keep having joy.

      By the way, I might have found a workaround that will even work when they have killed the old editor entirely in the future. The setup will require a little bit more work, but then it is a serious way to stick with the classic editor. It’s basically possible to install WordPress on localhost (our computer hard drive). That opens two possibilities… installing WordPress and a classic editor plugin. Or installing ClassicPress locally right away (just in case they kill the classic plugin too). So, after that, I would always have two tabs open… the localhost blog where I prepare the posts, and the live blog (on with Gutenberg in HTML mode. The trick would be to write it locally and copy the HTML code over into the other tab and press publish. That will be a lasting workaround. Since both ends have an import/export function (that will even import images), that would be an alternative to paste-copy.

      When the time has come, I am going to write a guide for those who really want to stick with the classic editor. For now, the classic script is doing the job.

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