Old Door In Black And White

As you might have noticed, I am currently a bit slower with the publishing on my blog. It’s autumn, a good time to get the hands on some computer games. But in the meantime I wanted to show you a photo again. I shot this photo of the old door a while back, I didn’t like how the colours turned out, but I liked the photo after I converted it to black and white. The photo is a nice expansion to my abandoned category. I do really like old materials that suffered, I like the texture of these materials. Continue reading Old Door In Black And White

Broken Windows

As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to upload some photos of abandoned and damaged things over time too. I became curious when I saw a documentary about photography where they reported about a few guys who liked to visit old places to take pictures of abandoned architecture and textures of old materials. At a later point I met a photographer in a forest and we talked about our hobby and he showed me on his phone what he is into, it was mainly portrait photography and lost places. I liked his portrait work, but the photos he … Continue reading Broken Windows

Damaged Window

I always wanted to expand the categories of my blog about urban exploration or abandoned stuff. If you take so many photos, you never know what you want to upload or share first. Abandoned things are very interesting and I shot all kind of photos that I shouldn’t forget to upload too. I always mentioned that I don’t know exactly what I like about abandoned things, but I assume it’s about the textures and details of old and rotten materials, but maybe it’s also about the mysteriousness of abandoned things. Continue reading Damaged Window

Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar

This is a snapshot taken with the smartphone on a car trip in Wismar, a city in Eastern Germany. I like abandoned buildings, this would be a nice place to take lots of texture photos with the DSLR camera, or usual abandoned architecture photos. I like urban photography and abandoned stuff. We have some abandoned buildings in Lübeck too, I did already visit some places to take photos, I just didn’t have the time yet to choose the best urban photos, to edit them and to upload them to my blog, but I will do that as I like photos … Continue reading Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar