Abandoned Garden House

Abandoned Garden House

I pretty much like abandoned things when it comes to photography. Above you can see a photo of an abandoned garden house that I found. I like lonely and given up places, the desolation that you see there, although in this case the house is not too much decayed.

6 thoughts on “Abandoned Garden House

    1. It’s somewhat interesting to see how things change when they are given up. I like that, also it’s great to document and compare when there is something new build later on.

    1. That is a good point, I think about that too. But it’s also a good place to take textures of rusty things, or old wood and so. I think there are many reasons why I like these places.

  1. What’s cool about this particular house is the paint still looks lively in that red color..as if it wasn’t abandoned that long ago, and you still get a sense of the excitement of the original owners..

    1. Yes, I think the house is generally still in good condition. A little bit of clean up and some repair work and this would be a good place to relax. I think too that the house was still used not a long time ago.

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