Damaged Window


I always wanted to expand the categories of my blog about urban exploration or abandoned stuff. If you take so many photos, you never know what you want to upload or share first. Abandoned things are very interesting and I shot all kind of photos that I shouldn’t forget to upload too. I always mentioned that I don’t know exactly what I like about abandoned things, but I assume it’s about the textures and details of old and rotten materials, but maybe it’s also about the mysteriousness of abandoned things.

7 thoughts on “Damaged Window

    1. We sadly don’t have too much abandoned architecture in our city (well, sad from a photographers standpoint hehe), but sometimes I spot broken houses, or rusty industry buildings. I assume the best place for this type of photography would be East Germany, and as someone told me also Berlin because you can find very old bunkers of the WW2 time. I remember that I saw some really industrial looking areas in Dortmund too, but I was not into photography at that time. Once during a hike, I met another photographer who was into “Lost Places” and his work was stunning and since then I open my eyes for broken and rusty stuff too. But in my case it’s mainly broken windows, damaged walls and stuff, and the guy I met had much more and especially stunning things to show… like completely with moss and plants overgrown warehouses and stuff, almost the “End of world” type of stuff. I admired the work he showed me on his phone.

      1. You are right. There is not much interesting stuff like that in our area. I follow a group on Facebook about lost places in Schleswig-Holstein. But as you mentioned, there is much more abandoned architecture in eastern Germany.

        1. That’s funny, I think I followed this group too a while ago. I remember the users posted pictures of old mansions, abandoned hospitals, and even the abandoned animal park in Lübeck (that’s maybe one abandoned place in my city that I should visit one day). Yeah, it’s possible to find some things in Schleswig Holstein, but there are definitely more interesting federal states when it comes to Lost Places photography.

          Here is a place that would be pretty cool to visit, but that’s in Mecklenburg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XqeAIFIniI
          The one guy I met shot photos there, really cool art but creepy too.

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