Broken Windows


As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to upload some photos of abandoned and damaged things over time too. I became curious when I saw a documentary about photography where they reported about a few guys who liked to visit old places to take pictures of abandoned architecture and textures of old materials.

At a later point I met a photographer in a forest and we talked about our hobby and he showed me on his phone what he is into, it was mainly portrait photography and lost places. I liked his portrait work, but the photos he shot of lost or abandoned places were pretty cool. I thought this is a thing and started to pay attention to broken and abandoned stuff as well.

In this post you can see a scene that I found interesting, I did however convert the resulting image to black and white as I didn’t like how it looked in colour. I think this type of photography is about textures and materials, and about the curiosity about how things change, and how life might have been at this place before.


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