Swimming Sport

I still go running but there are days when I have aching muscles. But I dislike the idea to do nothing at days when my legs can’t run. So, I had the glorious idea to look for an alternative sport so that I can fill these days. One thing that came to my mind was swimming, and I don’t mean splashing around, I really mean swimming laps. I could still do the splashing after the laps, like jumping from the spring-board and so. Well, today was that day. Since some time, my new motto is “Stop thinking, start doing it”, … Continue reading Swimming Sport

Musing About This And That – Part 4

It’s the time of artificial light. It’s almost the whole day dark, even at daytime because of the clouds. I do usually like this season but for some reason this time not so much, or I am just not ready for it yet. Since it’s colder and darker, I didn’t take any new photos outside. One of the reasons is that I am not very inspired at the moment to find new subjects, and the other reason is that I don’t have the right mood for this season. However, I think it’s sometimes good to make a break with something, … Continue reading Musing About This And That – Part 4

Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

I am right now in the mood to write one of these diary entries. If you see the screenshot on top of my words, this is a small and very basic program written in the programming language C#, and all it does is showing the text message “Hello World” in the windows console. It’s one of the simplest things you can do with a programming language, and that’s how programming courses often start. You need to start somewhere, and often they use this small example to explain the basic structure of a program, until you get into more advances stuff. … Continue reading Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

Remote Controlled Sailboat

Yesterday when I was walking through the city and the outer areas of the city, I saw people navigating remote control sailboats at a lake. It was a very sunny day and not like an October day, we still have mixed weather but the last week was very sunny and then it’s great to see all the people outside with different hobbies and activities. Most of the RC sailboats were far away on the lake, but one of the guys noticed me with my camera and navigated his RC sailboat close to me so that I can take pictures, that … Continue reading Remote Controlled Sailboat

Less Blogging, More Other Activities… But Not For Ever

My blogging interval did slow down pretty much this month. It has to do with some other activities but that does not mean that I stop blogging or so. Today it´s a little bit sunny but we had some very rainy and cold weeks and most of the time I was at home. Sure, this would have been the perfect time for blogging but… One evening I had the desire to watch a TV series. I am not really a person who does watch TV or DvD often apart from reports about history or sciences. But over the years there … Continue reading Less Blogging, More Other Activities… But Not For Ever

It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks

I have read in many cat forums and the general opinion seems to be that it is not ok to teach a cat tricks. Is it really not good to teach a cat tricks? In this article you will read my opinion. If you ask me and if you want my honest answer,… Don´t listen to the jabbering you can find in all the cat forums where people mean they would be experts. Especially house cats need activity. Remember they have a small areal and they can´t do things they would otherwise do outside, like hunting for example. Any kind … Continue reading It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks