Cloudy Eye

Today in the afternoon, the weather was good again and I decided to go to the gardens again to take cat photos, but this time another garden area. But that was not very successful because I only saw one cat there within three hours of walking through that area. It was either an unlucky day or they don’t have as many cats there as the other garden I walked through recently. I wanted to go home and call it a bad day but a friend lives on my route home and I decided to visit him. The weather was still … Continue reading Cloudy Eye

Cat Photo

Here is another photo of a cat that I already showed you here and here. I shot the three photos at the same day but I think the photo in my current post here is the best close-up photo of this particular cat. There was minimal editing, I just corrected the tones a bit and I also cropped the image a tiny bit. I hope you like the photo. There are more cats on my blog. Continue reading Cat Photo

Cardboard Boxes Are Great

It’s certain, cats love cardboard boxes and Shyna isn’t different. That’s why it’s not her first photo with a cardboard box on my blog. When I get a delivery, I always let my cat play a bit with the cardboard box for some days. I think cats like it that we live in a time of online shopping because that’s why there is never a shortage of cardboard boxes. Continue reading Cardboard Boxes Are Great