Somewhere In Reinfeld

Here is a photo I have taken somewhere outside of Reinfeld, and you can even see the town in the background. I’d say the place is very beautiful, but I am actually not that sure anymore if I ever want to visit the place again if the worst case occurs, now that my uncle’s diagnosis changed. I try not to think too much about the future, but it’s not easy to put these thoughts aside. I am really not sure if I will connect this place with bad or good feelings in the future, I am really not sure. My … Continue reading Somewhere In Reinfeld

Talking With A Farmer

Today I was outside again, and I took the paths through the small forests, around the ponds, and over fields. Close to a farm (not the one in the photo) near a small forest, I watched over the fields and into the sky, because I was looking for bird of prey, and then a farmer greeted me and asked if I would look for birds. The farmer was very old and friendly, and I told him that I was looking for bird of prey, and he replied that this area is perfect if I want to find them, and he … Continue reading Talking With A Farmer

Yellow Farmland

It’s the first time I don’t like an English translation. I just typed the German word for this seed into an online dictionary and was pretty surprised about the translation, it’s a quite ambiguous word. Is this crop really called “rape” in English, or is there a better translation? I found the word “coleseed”, but the dictionary says it is a dated English word. Anyway, let’s talk about the photo. Of course, I took the photo again during one of my hikes. I liked the tracks of the tractors in the field, because it gives the image a bit of … Continue reading Yellow Farmland

Winter Landscape Hike

As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, there are different smaller forests and fields outside of Reinfeld. We have fallow deer and roe deer in the forests outside of the town, and there are wild boars in the shrubbery near the pond but they are shy at day time and only come out at night. I really don’t want to meet wild boars when I am hiking, because they can be dangerous, especially after they did breed. When you spot a female wild boar with offspring, it can end badly, because they might try to aggressively protect the … Continue reading Winter Landscape Hike

Minimalist Field Photo

As I mentioned in earlier posts, here in Reinfeld there are lots of fields and some farms, and by the way, the German word “feld” translates to “field” in English. I shot the photo above during one of my hikes, but I did edit the photo a little bit afterwards. The heaven was too bright, and that has to do with the fact that I recently started to try the manual modes of my camera, which means I often use the wrong settings, but that is practicing, and sometimes I can change things afterwards with Lightroom or Photoshop, and that’s … Continue reading Minimalist Field Photo