Noodles With Sauce, Steak and Vegetables

On the image you can see noodles with sauce, a steak and vegetables. Very delicious and again cooked by my mother’s husband. I like his dishes so much. The photo is a little bit older but I still have so many photos in my folders and I really want to save and share them all on my blog. I must say, looking on this photo makes me hungry. Continue reading Noodles With Sauce, Steak and Vegetables

Food For Hectic Days

Sometimes it must go fast, for example if there are lots of things on the to do list. Today I thought buying some Burgers would be a nice idea, until the fact crossed my mind, that I still can´t open my mouth correctly to eat the Burgers. It´s annoying, so annoying. I had a hard time to eat them. Apart from that, they don’t taste that good anyway. I am not a big fan of fast food chains anymore, what you get there doesn’t taste that fresh anyway. Continue reading Food For Hectic Days

The German Curry Sausage Dissimilarity

This was my meal yesterday. I sometimes prefer fast food if I want to play computer games with my friends. Yes, because it is somewhat convenient to call the delivery service but also because they offer some tasty things. One very famous german fast food dish is the one on the image above. It´s a Currywurst (curry sausage) with french fries and curry sauce and salad. I additionally ordered mayonnaise for the fries. That is a very common fast food dish here in North Germany. Here where I am, the sausage is very long (sometimes maybe also cut through like … Continue reading The German Curry Sausage Dissimilarity

Here Another Tasty Bratwurst…

It´s not a secret that I am german and it is not a secret that germans love Bratwurst and mustard. We have many different types of brats. If you need a fast meal when you are outside, it is always convenient if there is a bratwurst stall on your way. The Bratwurst on the image above was pretty expansive. I was shocked when the salesmen said I should pay 6 Euro (8 USD converted) for the tiniest Coca Cola bottle and the Bratwurst. That means 4 dollar for each! Anyway, the Bratwurst was as always tasty and a good snack … Continue reading Here Another Tasty Bratwurst…

German Bratwurst, Mustard And Bun

Bratwurst with mustard is pretty tasty. You can also eat that with a bun. It´s not that surprising that I as a German do eat Bratwurst very often. I think that is a broad statement that really fits to us Germans. I wouldn´t say that we eat it every day but once in a week could fit. We have so many different kind of sausages here. Yes, there is a huge assortment. The Bratwurst on the image above is a bigger one and very tasty. Continue reading German Bratwurst, Mustard And Bun