Black And White Tabby Cat Photo

Here is a photo that I didn’t like at first because the face of the tabby cat was not in focus. And then again, in cases like this one, I try to convert the image to black and white because in my experience it does obscure unsharp areas extremely well for whatever reason but it often works. I do now really like how the image looks in black and white. I found the cat between apartment blocks, which means it is an outdoor cat most likely not a feral cat. Some people that live in apartment blocks do also let … Continue reading Black And White Tabby Cat Photo

Tabby in the Jungle

Here is a photo of a tabby cat I saw when I walked through the gardens. I only had like 3 seconds to take the photo until the cat disappeared in the shrubs. So, it’s basically a snapshot and I couldn’t care about perfection. But I am still glad that I managed it to photograph the cat even if the photo is not perfect. By the way, it might be that I spotted the same cat already once in the past, it could be the same cat I showed you in this post but I am not hundred percent sure. Continue reading Tabby in the Jungle

Tooth and Nail

Weeks ago when I walked through the garden area, I saw this tabby cat on top of a fence. It chewed on a nail. I question that this is good but hey, what can you do, it’s a stray cat. I converted the image to black and white as there was a very distracting shadow. The shadow is still there in black and white but a lot less distracting as I have chosen a rather light black and white variant. Generally, the photo just worked and looked a lot better in black and white. Continue reading Tooth and Nail

Tabby In Action

Some days ago I shot some photos of the cat you see at the top. It was friendly enough to let me take some photos. But when I attempted to get a bit closer, it ran away. I pressed the shutter button and took the photo you see here in this post. It was quite unsharp but I managed it to fix it a little bit in Lightroom but it’s still not the sharpest image. Anyway, I like it because it shows a energetic and agile cat. It’s highgly likely that it is the same cat I showed you in … Continue reading Tabby In Action

Another Chance

The cat in the photo above is the same tabby I showed you in the previous post. As I mentioned, I wanted to feature it separately because this one here is much better. As I mentioned, I got that second chance an hour later on my way back. It was already pretty close, maybe 5-10 meters away but in a good range for my 70-300mm lens. So, this time I could get a better shot. Continue reading Another Chance