Family Kids And The Guitar

When we visited grandma on her birthday in September, there were also some kids of our family. My grandpa has one of my guitars in his rooms as my 12 years old cousin wants to learn guitar. I gave her my guitar to learn. My grandpa was guitarist and singer in a local band years ago and I do play guitar since two decades too. This means she gets support of us. I mention it just as a side line. But on the birthday of grandma, I went with one of the other kids of the family in the room … Continue reading Family Kids And The Guitar

Wounded Guitar

I did talk about the guitar plaster already but the image above shows some of the wounds of my guitar. I do really like how much details my “abandoned” and cheap Medion camera can show. For this price it is really not a bad camera. The camera has something like a macro mode. You still can´t compare it with professional cameras or macro lenses but as said, for a cheap digital camera it is not too bad. Sometimes you can shoot great close up images with the camera. Continue reading Wounded Guitar

My Guitar Needed A Medic

This is a close up shot of a plaster on my guitar. This guitar has a wound, ok in fact not only one wound but I did put a plaster on the deepest and ugliest wound. Right, it does look shabby but that is intended. But my real intention was to make the guitar safe to play as there were splinter of wood on the damaged spot. The plaster makes the guitar look shabby and safe to play. I like it and this is ok until I found another good sticker. Continue reading My Guitar Needed A Medic

Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

The Daily Prompt asks “Have you ever played in a band?” and I can answer this with a yes. As a guitarist since many years, I was a member of bands when I was younger and it has been an interesting but also a shady and shabby experience. It was not only about music but also about alcohol and drug experiments. I think we were some people that I wouldn´t suggest to imitate. It was still fun, but an experience I learned from. Our music was not too bad, but we didn´t focus enough on the music but more on … Continue reading Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

I Visited The Music Store

Today I visited one of the music stores in my city to buy guitar strings for one of my acoustic guitar that I wanted to set up to give the guitar my little cousin. Grandpa called me yesterday by phone to tell me that she is either interested to learn playing keyboard and piano or guitar but she isn´t sure. He asked me if we could check out with one of my acoustic guitars if she can build up interest. I said that this is a cool idea and did clean one of my acoustic guitars but now I needed … Continue reading I Visited The Music Store