Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Object I come up with a photo of my own guitar. I think this is not really a special photo but still very important to me as I play this guitar since many years. It´s a guitar by the company Coxx and it is a Gibson SG Standard copy or remake. I bought this Coxx guitar a decade ago and most people have said it is a crap guitar but I always though there are more bad guitarists out there than guitars. It´s indeed not one of the expansive guitars but with some tweaks, I … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach

The Daily Prompt writes: Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it. I want to answer this. Yes, I always dreamed of my own Fender Stratocaster guitar but one of the more expansive models. But I never felt angry that I didn´t get a 2000 dollar guitar. Fortunately I´m grown up with the thinking that it is not so much about what you get, but rather that people come together during holiday or birthday. That´s what makes me much more happy. I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach

I Borrowed Grandpa´s Vantage X-99 Guitar

I borrowed grandpa´s rare guitar of the Vantage label. It´s a Vantage X-99 guitar. Matsumoku in Japan produced the guitar in the 70´s or 80´s but I am not sure. The X-99 was one of the Vantage top models. I can remind that I played on grandpa’s X-99 guitar many times when I was a teenager. He had also a 1974 Fender Stratocaster and it was always hard to decide which one I would like to play for some hours. But I can tell you that the Vantage X-99 is in no way inferior to a Fender Strat. I tested … Continue reading I Borrowed Grandpa´s Vantage X-99 Guitar

Daily Prompt: Earworm

I just listening to the Cat Fish Blues (Jimi Hendrix Version) but covered by Steve Webb & EXP, which seems to be a Hendrix Tribute Band. I must say that Steve has captured that killer Hendrix live sound like no other person. If it would be a mp3 and not a video, I would have thought it is Jimi Hendrix. No joke. The version above is simply fantastic like all other Steve Webb & EXP covers I found on YouTube. If you love that special Hendrix killing guitar sound and those great licks, you should check out these guys. In … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Earworm

It was a grungy place and a grungy time…

The place above in the image is the Wallhalbinsel (Could be translated like “Wall Peninsula”) of Lübeck. This place is a man-made island or as said a peninsula located in the Trave River and to the west of Lübeck´s inner-city. But now comes a little or let me say big story, before I come back to what the image above means to me. I play already guitar since my schooldays and met a guy from the parallel class who was a guitarist too. I did know him already for quite some time. Well you know how it is when you … Continue reading It was a grungy place and a grungy time…