My First Long Exposure Photo Outside In The Evening

My mother and her husband asked me today if I would like to accompany them when they drive to the beach in Travemünde in the evening. That was a nice idea, I planned to use my tripod and to take some evening or night photos at some point anyway, and the beach is a perfect subject. I have read a lot about long exposure, for example when I tested long exposure at home, I also learned how to set up all things manually with my D7100. That means, I know already a little bit about the theory, it was time … Continue reading My First Long Exposure Photo Outside In The Evening

Yet Another Trave River Photo

I guess there are several Trave river photos on my blog. Here is a new one that I shot weeks ago. Yes, the weather is still bad here, which means I can only revert to photos that I shot a while ago and that I didn’t upload yet. I like to wander near the Trave river in Lübeck, many people do, it’s understandable because it’s a place where people go walking or do sports if they don’t want to hear the noise of the streets. The river is long and the area is rich in variety. It’s a place where … Continue reading Yet Another Trave River Photo


I actually thought I couldn’t take any photo for the recent photo challenge with the motto Off-Season. But we have still very mixed weather in Northern Germany, it’s actually not really summer weather except for some good days. Yesterday we had a good day, a friend came to visit and asked me if I would like to drive to the beach and I thought the idea would be great. The weather was perfect when we started, but as soon as we arrived, the weather changed from summer to autumn and it began to rain. In the photo above you see … Continue reading Off-Season

Trave River Photo

I think I have already quite a lot of Trave River photos on my blog. It’s a good place to walk. We have had some rainy days and todays weather is also not the best, so, I can just upload photos I took days and weeks ago as I am still afraid to use my new camera when it’s raining, although the camera should be weather sealed, but I my lens is not I guess. Here is one I shot one week ago while walking near the Trave River… Continue reading Trave River Photo