Some More Random Snapshots From Northern Germany

I posted some random snapshots from Northern Germany earlier this day but later I found some more that we took. I call them snapshots because the image quality is not perfect but you can still see where my family and me live at. The images below show some places on the Baltic Sea and a forest we visit sometimes. I think I will also upload some galleries at times if I don´t want to write a story to every photo or if I want to upload them as a package. Continue reading Some More Random Snapshots From Northern Germany

Some New Travemünde Photos

I talked already a lot about the place called Travemünde that is near Lübeck in North Germany and the Baltic Sea. Here are some new photos of this place. We are often there because it´s not far away but I didn´t have a camera with me this time, so that my mother shot the photos with her phone. But the photos really show how beautiful it is there. My mother didn´t hold the camera completely horizontal but anyway, the photos are still ok to show the place. Hope you like the photos. Continue reading Some New Travemünde Photos

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

We visited a nostalgic palace in Schwerin, which means that the Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic comes to the right time. The palace is build on an island surrounded by lakes. The palace is called “Schloss Schwerin” and it is a very beautiful place. The palace is build in 1845-57 by order of Friedrich Franz II as a residence for the grand dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. I think the architecturally idea is called neo-renaissance style and remembers a little bit to the french style like the Chambord. Today Schloss Schwerin is a museum. Outside it is already beautiful but sadly we didn´t … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Anywhere in the Inner-City of Lübeck

This is just another new photo of any street in the inner-city of Lübeck. I edited it a little bit with Android Pixlr-o-matic. The result is a little bit grungy. I do like the image anyhow. I am born in Lübeck and after a while I started to think that my city is pretty boring. But the more photos I take, the more I start to regain a passion for this city. This seems to be one interesting side-effect of the photography and does not only count for my city but also for nature and everything else around me, I … Continue reading Anywhere in the Inner-City of Lübeck