I love Mushroom Pan

This is a Mushroom Pan and I took the Photo when I visited my Mother and her Husband in December. I think I mentioned already that the Husband of my Mother is a great Cook. I sometimes said he should open his own Restaurant. Really. But you know how it is… Without Capital, those Ideas are just dreaming. But I still think People would love his Food. I do! About the Photo here… This is a nice Mushroom Pan we did eat in the Evening of a December Day. It´s cool to eat all the Mushrooms and Onions with Bread. … Continue reading I love Mushroom Pan

Another Photo of a tasty german Dish

I visited my Mother today and I came to the right Time because her Husband did cook. They then asked me if I want to eat something too. I indeed couldn´t say no. 😉 He cooked Potatoes with String Beans, Onions, Mushrooms (Champignons) and Pork Steak. It was pretty tasty, however I missed a Sauce. I prefer eating most Things with Sauce. While I know they and a lot of other People eat the mentioned Dish above without Sauce. I still liked it too. I especially love Mushrooms pretty much! Continue reading Another Photo of a tasty german Dish

Our Barbecue was fun!

I pretty much love spontaneously Events. Yesterday I got a Phone call and my Mom told me that Relatives from Thuringia arrived in North Germany. The Cousin of my Mother´s Husband made a Visit. She told me that they all are planning on doing a spontaneously Barbecue and asked me if I want to join. Oh yea! Yes! I love Barbecue! My Mother´s Home is not far away from my Home. When I walk, I am in 5 Minutes there. Theirfore I spontaneously went to my Mom. Arivved, I noticed that there was not only Meat for the Barbecue. My … Continue reading Our Barbecue was fun!

Oh that smacks!

Ok its out now. I love Salad! When I was younger my Grandma always made a Salad which we enjoyed after the Dinner. Yea that was Grandma´s Tradition and I still love Salad today. Today I often make my own Salad but similar like my Grandma´s Salad. Maybe I just did put my Ideas in. I usualy slice in Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers and either Sheep’s (Milk) Cheese or Mozzarella and use one of these ready2go Dressing´s with Garden Herbs which is Powder I just have to mix with a little bit Water and Sunflower Oil. Yea it´s the … Continue reading Oh that smacks!