Electrum Wallet 2.0 To Be Released Very Soon

If Electrum is your Bitcoin wallet of choice, you will be happy about the announcement that Electrum 2.0 will be released very soon. The beta is over since some time, and version 2.0 has been tagged, which means the new version is finalized. You will find the new files on the download page soon, as they will update the website shortly. Continue reading Electrum Wallet 2.0 To Be Released Very Soon

The WordPress Interface And Stats Issue And The Thread Closing Again

There have been many wrong design decisions here at wordpress.com recently and I wrote about it a few times. First they brought us the horrible new editor that we can fortunately still bypass. Next they did negatively change the top bar to the point until it was unusable. I also mentioned more critique here and ranted about the changes quite often. I usually dislike to rant but if something does impact my workflow negatively, I surely won’t mince words. When the new editor came up, there was a thread in the forums full of user concerns and we were fortunately … Continue reading The WordPress Interface And Stats Issue And The Thread Closing Again

Microsoft Does Accept Bitcoin Now

Bitcoin gains more acceptance. Another big company starts to accept Bitcoin and this time it is Microsoft. They made it now possible to add funds to your Microsoft account via Bitcoin. You can’t use Bitcoin directly to buy content or products, however, you can use Bitcoin to add funds to your Microsoft account and with the money you can make purchase apps, games and more for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. In the official announcement of Microsoft they mention that they work together with BitPay, the leading payment processor of the Bitcoin ecosystem. If you used Bitcoin to add funds … Continue reading Microsoft Does Accept Bitcoin Now

The Dusty Tech Blog Domain

Over the last day I did just experiment a little bit with my second blog domain that I gave up a while ago and published some articles there. I basically had to come to a decision if I wanted to renew the second domain or not. I still like the idea to create a pure tech and gaming blog with the other domain but there are of course still some concerns as the second blog would basically compete with the technology category of my first blog here. But at the end it doesn’t matter, because a domain renewal doesn’t cost … Continue reading The Dusty Tech Blog Domain

Pink Style Cat Photo

I just woke up in the middle of the night and I was unable to fall asleep again. That happens at times but I really dislike to stare at the ceiling for too long and decided to boot up my computer to use the time. I started Photoshop and picked one of Shyna’s photos to create something crazy. This time I decided to give one of her photos a pink touch. It’s maybe a little bit overdone and I am especially unhappy with the eye’s because something looks wrong there. I wanted to colorize them pink but it’s overdone and … Continue reading Pink Style Cat Photo