Lübeck City Snapshot In The Morning

I didn’t upload any photo of my hometown Lübeck since some time but now I will show you a new one. This week I had to visit one of the authorities and I really dislike bureaucracy, but on the other side it’s good because I can use it to take a walk in the morning. On the photo above you can see the Trave River and behind the river you see the city view of the historic district. You can also see the St. Mary’s Church in the background, we call that one Marienkirche in German. As you can see, … Continue reading Lübeck City Snapshot In The Morning

Foggy Morning Near The Trave River

My mother and me wandered near the Trave River in Lübeck this week. It was a very foggy morning but I really love it. Not only that the air smells fresh, I do also think that fog is very beautiful especially if you wander near the river. Phone cameras are not very well for foggy days, unfortunately. However, I thought I upload the photos anyway because even if they aren’t very good in quality, they at least do show what we saw on our way. Here is a gallery… Continue reading Foggy Morning Near The Trave River

A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

There will be new opportunities for nature photos in the future. My mother and her husband got an offer to get a nice garden. The garden is near the Trave River in Lübeck. I didn´t see the garden yet but my mother did send me the images above via WhatsApp. They said they need to work to make it all beautiful but I am already excited about the photos. It´s not far away from the river of our town and this is pretty great because there is a lot of nature too. Maybe not so much nature like in Salem, … Continue reading A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

Just One of Many Bridges In Lübeck

Above you can see one of many bridges of Lübeck and the Trave River that I mentioned quite often here on my blog. The image was pretty overexposed and I fixed this at least a little bit. I removed a lot of highlights but it didn´t make me happy so that I decided to add a black and white gradient map to get a slightly monochrome image. If nothing goes when we talk about overexposure, it´s sometimes a good idea to change the image to black and white. The overexposed areas are then less noticeable in my opinion or at … Continue reading Just One of Many Bridges In Lübeck

Anywhere Near The Trave River

I shot this image in Lübeck anywhere near the Trave River that flows through our city. The water you see on the photo is a branch of the main river. I walk there sometimes because you can find insects and flowers there and in summer I also jog and walk there as many people do. The river is long so that you can always start from a different point if you like. Continue reading Anywhere Near The Trave River