Bumblebee Trapped In A Spiderweb But…

I´m user on Reddit because I like the way how this social media site works. Users submit content and it can be up or down voted which means only the most popular content or news are shown on top. Often you find interesting things there when you subscribed to your favorite subjects. Someone uploaded a video on YouTube and it has been shared on Reddit. It´s about a Bumblebee that is trapped in a spiderweb and the spider is not far away. Another bumblebee is approaching to the situation to rescue and defend the species member. But take a look … Continue reading Bumblebee Trapped In A Spiderweb But…

Some Minutes of Cat Training

I always wanted to create this video but I dislike video editing or I don´t enjoy it as much as I love to play with other graphic tools. Anyway, I´ve done it now. I mentioned several times that I do practice tricks with my cat and that she is kinda talented but I just have shown you images but not videos. I always wanted to record one of our training sessions. Now I did that and you can see some minutes of our training unit in the following video… In this training session we did practice “sit”, “give me paw”, … Continue reading Some Minutes of Cat Training

Cats Love Mobile Games Too

Kotaku posted something that got my attention. They shared a video from YouTube where cats play a game called Fruit Ninja on tablets. It is basically a game where you can slice fruits. Agree, that does sound boring but for cats it must be a lot of fun. That´s at least how it looks like… (Edit: I added another interesting video to my post as the old one disappeared) I know there are even mobile games or let me say tablet games, that are specifically developed for cats. Fruit Ninja is not one of these games but I saw other … Continue reading Cats Love Mobile Games Too

Homeless Man Got 1000 Dollar With A Lottery Ticket

Some hours ago there popped a video up on YouTube but I found it on Reddit as the video climbed directly to the first place in the “Reddit charts”. That means this video gonna get a lot of attention. The video is about a guy who tells a homeless man, that he can´t donate any money but a winner lottery ticket, although he is not sure how much he won. But it´s a joke as the lottery ticket is not a winning ticket and the kiosk owner is involved in the prank. But look for yourself… Now, here the reason … Continue reading Homeless Man Got 1000 Dollar With A Lottery Ticket