Staying Fit

Mixed salad, mixed post. Yeah, it’s great to have two reasons to create a blog post. First reason was that I found the image above in my library and I like the way how I cropped it. The photo was shot in 2015 and it seems I never used it because the salad bowl was not completely in the frame. Now I cropped it on a way that I like the composition more. Next reason for this post is that I wanted to talk a bit about my running activity. To be honest, I didn’t run over the winter, mainly … Continue reading Staying Fit

Just A Helicopter

It’s still not the perfect weather for photography, but I went outside anyway yesterday. I heard a chopper in the air and thought I could test my new lens again. The test photo was shot at 270mm, it doesn’t look that great due to the dark weather, but I am happy how far I get can with the lens. The photo is cropped, that means I was in fact further away, but I didn’t have to crop too much. I am happy that I can focus fast enough with the lens, it’s at least fast enough for me, and I … Continue reading Just A Helicopter

Bad Summer Weather

This here is less of a photo post, which means it is not a photo that is special or so. However, it shows very well how the majority of summer days this year look like in Northern Germany. I wish I could get more out to take photos, although I have still plenty of photos that I didn’t upload yet. But wandering with the camera is so much fun, it’s just that I don’t want to risk it too often with the new camera. I have a camera bag, but it’s not the best bag for rain protection. Using the … Continue reading Bad Summer Weather


I actually thought I couldn’t take any photo for the recent photo challenge with the motto Off-Season. But we have still very mixed weather in Northern Germany, it’s actually not really summer weather except for some good days. Yesterday we had a good day, a friend came to visit and asked me if I would like to drive to the beach and I thought the idea would be great. The weather was perfect when we started, but as soon as we arrived, the weather changed from summer to autumn and it began to rain. In the photo above you see … Continue reading Off-Season

Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

We had real heavy storm in Northern Germany today. I thought the storm was heavy in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein but then I saw the news about the neighboring federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, there was total destruction in some towns. We had more luck in Schleswig-Holstein, but it was very unusual and scary anyway. They said in the news that it was a tropical thunderstorm. I was sitting in my living room and watched out of the windows and wrote my mother a small message like “Do you see the clouds? Looks like the end of world”. She replied “Yea, pretty … Continue reading Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

Trave River Photo

I think I have already quite a lot of Trave River photos on my blog. It’s a good place to walk. We have had some rainy days and todays weather is also not the best, so, I can just upload photos I took days and weeks ago as I am still afraid to use my new camera when it’s raining, although the camera should be weather sealed, but I my lens is not I guess. Here is one I shot one week ago while walking near the Trave River… Continue reading Trave River Photo