Ten reasons why “Battlelog” is crap that Gamers do not want…

Lately there is a Blogpost and Video around which tries to tell us on a ridiculous way how important the “Battlelog” is for us Battlefield gamers:

Ok wait but here comes my opinion. I need to write down ten reasons why “Battlelog” is irrelevant and ridiculous…

EA and Dice… Ten reasons why people hate your so-called “Battlelog” (Yes some people call it already Facebattle or Battlebook):

1. It is wishful thinking that people want your social/facebook vibes. They just want to play and not socialize! Most of them have already friends and a clan.

2. There is no reason to develop a game that starts through a web browser and website when people didn´t complain about exe-files, shortcuts and an in-game menu. In fact they rather like to manage things in-game (things like server browser and so on)! Hey Battlelog is fine for people who like it but please make it not mandatory!

3. Anti-piracy, hack security and so on is no benefit compared to the profit you´ll lose by customer who cancel pre-order or wont buy the game. Apart from this it is not clear if your system is safe. Oh and we saw already the first cheaters. How can that be when “Battlelog” is supposed to keep them out?

4. People hate it to install additional extensions and plugins to the browser just to be able to play your game.

5. Problem solving and compatibility will be much more complex and harder to ensure and questions like “Which browser do you use?”, “What version?”, “Do you have other plugins installed and have you tried disabling those plug-ins? (except ours, of course)?”, “Are scripts enabled and is Java and Active X up to date?”, will come up. Do you really think people will set up their browser so that it is compatible with your game and chuck out their own customisation?

6. Most people I talked to have said “Battlelog” is just hideous, cluttered, broken, inexpedient and has no usability!

7. Welcome to social gaming! Even people who just wanna play single player have to stay online! What is if internet is down? Welcome to the future of gaming. You maybe paid the game but that doesn´t mean its yours. They decide when you can start the game!

8. It’s so… You have to join a match so that you can set up controls, graphics and every other options. But be aware your character has to be alive! Just because there is no menu. Also you need to constantly closing and opening the game when looking for new game servers! Hey but you can socialize when opening your internet browser! Innovation? No, it’s a step backward.

9. Its better to start one application (standalone / the game) instead of three applications (the game, Origin and Web browser with Battlelog).

10. “Battlelog” is implemented to capture valuable marketing data on each player’s activities and maybe to directly supply you with advertising in the future.

You wanna read more reasons? Go for it.. Why we gamers dislike Battlelog.


8 thoughts on “Ten reasons why “Battlelog” is crap that Gamers do not want…

  1. I really agree with your points! I fear BF3 will not be bought, even though it was my last hope for “next-gen” gaming…
    I hate this “it´s all gone commercial”-bullcrap…but seriously…it has!
    No passion, just marketing shenanigans…COD died first, BF will be second and I see even Blizzard going to screw up to generate more profit.

    I´m slowly but steady becoming a grumpy old gamer who sees his favorite pasttime going down the drain 😦 Guess I have to revive BF2 and ArmA 2

    PS: I´m aware you´re German, so am I, therefore Im not judging your spelling. But please try to at least use people instead of peopleS (people = Leute (immer plural), peoples = Völker), its really irritating 😉

    Best regards

    1. Same situation here. It was also my last big hope. To be honest… The videos of the game hyped me pretty much but after playing now its gone.

      I really dislike the direction they go. And I agree to you when you say there is no passion just marketing shenanigans.

      I also feel like mourning about my favorite pasttime but hey thats how it is. I did not beef about the changed from BF2 to BF2142 but the changes now are way to much for me.

      Btw. I dont see your help as offence. 🙂 Some time ago I started this blog here in english as this is a very cool way to improve my english ( I often find new vocabulary with a translator and so). Sometimes friendly peoples correct me and that is a great help. Well as long they do it friendly. And you did. I didn´t know that and therefore I would like to say thank you. That will improve my english and I did fix it in my article 🙂

      Kind regards

  2. Hai!

    Nice Post, you have good points here. I’m allowed to give my two cents to this? 🙂

    1. I am a facebook user. I see no disadvantages in using battlelog to check who is playing on which server and to easily join in his/her game. Also I’m a statistic freak and I really like it to compare the stats in our clan. I think you are also able to use battlelog without the “social features”. I will call it an additional feature you haven’t to use if you don’t want to.

    2. Your opinion. DICE develops something new, you don’t like it.

    3. I defenitly agree with the points here. But I will mention: Anti-cheat tool (punkbuster) is deactivated in the beta. Battlelog cannot prevent you from cheaters I think.

    4. ? really whats the problem about that ? please explain.

    5. Since I’m working as a developer that’s something I’m able to say: That are questions from support which are completely standard. If something does not work at first you have to know, what is the situation, what are the specs of the customer? Then I’m able to tracking down the bug/s. To develop something complex is really hard and especially for different PC’s/ OS/ Browser/ etc. So in fact that battlelog is still in beta… and (open) beta means: testing the software in a HUGE environment with many different systems and killing the bugs afterwards.

    6. yep, I think that too. battlelog will take a long long time after release for running perfectly.

    7. Total agree! Single-Player have to be playable offline.

    8. +1 It’s absolutly a nogo that I have to be alive ingame to change my settings.

    9. true. maybe they change? (i.e. don’t have to start origin) but I don’t believe that.

    10. meh, I’m on facebook so you can say I’m used to it.

    I agree with most of the points. I’m also a dissapointed about BF3-Beta but as far as I’m concerned I’m allowed to say battlelog can grow big, if DICE put more effort in it.

    in some points you are a bit overreacting. Just wait for the Final Release on 27th Oct. Maybe some points are different and your position moved a bit! 🙂

    calm down.


    XuXu [exit1.at]

    battlelog – Ximon89 If you want to discuss! 😉

    ps: sorry for my english but I think this is not the main-point of this blog.

  3. Hey XuXu,

    First of al thanks for reacting to my post. Dont worry about your english.. I am aware that my english needs improvement as well. Internet and my blog helped me already pretty much but again.. I want to learn more.

    I think my bigest beef is that battlelog is mandatory and that I do have to start the game with the browser.

    I would not say that I dislike stats. In fact I did like to browse my stats and the stats of my friends already in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. You maybe know those websites which tracked all the stats and when I remember right we had lots of stats ingame as well in the menu. No problem with those statistics.

    But I really have big beefs with it when the battlelog and the browser is my first place I need to go to start the game.

    Agree. Opinions can be differend. Its true… I just dislike it and others maybe like it.

    You made a good point I didn´t consider it. Thanks.

    I never had to install plugins to my browser so that I can play games. That is already my biggest beef about that. I also see no reason to clutter my browser with stuff like that when I just had start a game through desktop shortcut in the past. I use Firefox and yes I have some nice plugins installed but I choosed that I want them and I know why. But I didn´t when we talk about Battlelog. For me its just additional junk. Maybe sounds hard but that is how I see it.

    These questions will become standard. There was never a person who asked me those questions when I had problems with a game.. simply because it doesnt have anything to do with my browser but now it will. So these questions will be new. Yea my ISP asked me those questions for troubleshooting. I see a reason why. When I call for example World of Warcraft Support, why should they ask me if I use Firefox, Google Chrome or IE when I have problems ingame? With battlelog these questions will come up because the Browser is now involved when you have problems starting up the game or what ever.

    7. Yes. Although I rather would play mutliplayer I thought it would be great to mention that point for those who will play singleplayer. And who knows..with ISP problems I wouldn´t even be able to start singleplayer when I am bored. Of all the cheek.

    Ok we agree in point 6, 7, 8 and 9 so there is nothing more to add.

    Again.. I probably stop complaining when I get my good old ingame menu. I pretty much dislike it to be mandatory and the first place where I need to go to start my game. 🙂

    You are right…I defenetly will monitor whats happening til release. One of my friends will buy the game and that is why I am able to visit him and see if there are changes. I wont buy it for now. I would not say that I am overreacting. Dont understand me wrong.. I didnt see your word as offence. I just thing if I am really overreacting then pretty much peoples from the community do it right now. I am not the only person who wrote down these beefs.

    All in all thank you very much for your pretty great comment. I did enjoy to read your opinion as you made some good points I didnt consider even if we do not have same opinion on every point. It still was a great comment. Thank you.

    Kind regards

  4. Completely agree with your Blog.

    I’ve been playing BF2 for years now and I just can’t get into any of the new BF releases. I was kinda hoping BF3 would be like BF2 only with great graphics…. Sadly the ‘developers’ seem to have taken many steps backwards and tried to compete with COD… In my opinion, BF was never about ultra-realism, it was about fun.

    Battlelog pretty much defines whats wrong with BF3. Its a step backwards, its bloated and clunky, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it….. But they broke it by ‘fixing it’.

    Someone said a few years ago that BF3 needed to be BF2 with new graphics and new maps. They were right, that would have sold well.

    1. Hi,

      I really understand how you feel. I feel the same. I also would compare BF3 rather to Cod but not to BF2. Things changed much and like you I am also not able to get into these new games. For me the game just feels like the xbox or ps3 fastfood.

      Yes BF was not ultra realism but a compromise between simulation and arcade. Just the middle of it. I did like it.

      Yea Battlelog is a shame.. I did read some of the comments on amazon and EA/Dice should take a lesson out of itt. User rated more then thousands 1 stars but only 100 of 5 stars.. most comments there are about battlelog. So this really means most people hate battlelog.

      I completely agree… All I need is a BF2 with a modern graphics and new maps. Thats at least how I thought BF3 would be.. but it was just a dream.

      Thank you for your great comment.

      Greetings from Germany 🙂

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