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Cats Strategie To Avoid Sunstroke?

I3010001.JPGNo, It´s not her strategy to avoid sunstroke. It´s rather so that my cat loves to crawl under rugs. Yea she prefers rugs. But bedspreads, double Sheets and so are liked too. 🙂

It´s funny when she is doing that. She is using her paws to create a little entrance to make it possible to hide under the rug. I always have to laugh when I see that and say “What the hell are you doing?” and “How can this be fun?” 😀

But with this kind of attention she get freaky and wants to show me that it is fun. This can look like a fight with the rug. And later if she calmed down, then she is just relaxing under the rug like on the photo above.

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