My little forgotten Mosquito Rasbora and Schrimps Tank

mrpictureMore information’s about the Mosquito Rasbo Fish here. I had 8 Fishes called Mosquito Rasbora (Boraras brigittae) swimming in one of my forgotten fish tanks and I decided that it would be better to buy some more because I want to clean and redesign the tank soon. I think they really love to swim in a swarm. That´s why I bought 8 more of them yesterday. Therefore I can count 16 Mosquito Rasbora in my little 54 Liter tank now.

The fish tank is not maintained much. I just used osmose water and the GH/KH is round about 3 and therefore they swim in very soft water which is great for them. But with maintained not much, I do mean that I should definitely clean the glass of the fish tank soon. Also I noticed a real plague of snails although I don’t feed too much. I am not sure how these snails can survive and that in masses but on the other hand I am anyway more of a person who thinks “Let them be there.. they have duties in the nature as well”.

Due to the good water parameters, the eight Boraras brigittae´s did do pretty well. And now with eight new friends in the house, they seems to even more well. I love watching them swimming around in a little swarm and I think in a few month I will buy some more once again. They are so little that you can hold quite some more in 54 liter. This is why they call them “Nano Fishes”.

Oh and I can tell you it´s pretty difficult to shot them with a camera. Not only because they´re so little. They can be speedy!

But anyway I caught them together in a swarm behind a plant.. again I am sorry.. yea I should clean the fish tank. It´s some weeks hmmm maybe two month ago 😉


However. As it took me more than 200 photos to find 2 photos which are not perfect but at least ok… I wanted to upload them anyway even with the dirty glass and algaes. The glass has scraper too because it´s one of my oldest fish tanks. I did not take care much about it because it was a breeding tank for a long time.

For the little tank I found it always more important to maintain water parameters. Mosquito Rasbora´s need very soft water and I do provide it.

I think I will take the time on weekend to redesign and clean the little forgotten fish tank so that I can take some better looking photos and that I can enjoy the fishes more. Also I will collect some plants out of my bigger fish tank (There are so many because of the Co2 I pump in) because it´s not enough in the little tank. Mosquito Rasbora´s love dark fish tanks and at the moment it is to bright for them due to the fact that there is just one mother plant and therefore not much shadow. And they use this one plant to hide there which is a sign I should more some more plants over.

Apropos.. there are some Red Fire shrimps in the tank as well. I made some photos of a “pregnant” Red Fire shrimp but I will upload them later in another blog post.

EDIT: The Mosquito Rasbora and shrimps Tank has been cleaned and redesigned. See also my other blog post about the Borara Brigittae Fishes.


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