The little Mosquito Boraras and Schrimps Tank cleaned and redesigned


More informations about the Mosquito Boraras Fish here. I was bored today and thought I should use the Time to collect a few Plants out of my bigger Fish Tank so that I can plant them in my little Mosquito Boraras and Schrimps Tank. I noticed a dead Schrimps then in the little Tank but that is another Story. Back to the Changes… I didn´t want to overdo it with Plants as I want to enjoy watching the Mosquito Boraras (Boraras brigittae´s). But I know they love Shadow Areas and theirfore I did try to create a darker Area at back. I am still not completely happy.

On the left Side I anyway had a Echinodorus Bleheri (Amazon Sword Plant). I didn´t move that Plant as the Echinodorus did create a little Shadow Area there and that is ok.

But then I found a few Vallisneria in my bigger Tank and thought they would be great to add some more Shadow in the back. But I am not happy with the Result. They should grow for a while so that they cover the whole Water Surface there in the back. I also could collect some more from the bigger Tank and add them but I am not sure. I think about it.

At a first glance you could think that there are Vallisneria on the right Side too. But they aren´t. These lower Plant are called Sagittaria teres (Slender Arrowhead) and I catched them out of my bigger Tank as well. I choosed them as I did not want Vallisneria there because they would cover the whole Water Surface in the Front soon but I want Water Movement there. I do anyway hope that the grow a little bit higher so that they cover at least the selfmade Hamburger Matte Filter (You maybe could call it Corner Sponge Filter.. this Filter is a pretty save one for baby Schrimps and little Fishes and also great if you want to breed Fish). The Filter is remaining because I did try to breed Espe’s Rasbora (Trigonostigma espei) in that Tank some Time ago. I always thought a Breeding Tank does not have to be beatiful but now it´s not a Breeding Tank anymore and I would like to have the Tank more beatiful now. That´s why I hope the Slender Arrowhead will grow some more centimeter so that they cover the Filter completely but not the Tube of the Filter.

I give the Fishes a break now. After adding Plants and making a big Water Change they are little bit stressed now. However. I´m still not sure about the redesign. Maybe I change some things but not yet. Fishes need to calm down and relax some Days. What do you think about the disposal of the Plants in my Fish Tank?

3 thoughts on “The little Mosquito Boraras and Schrimps Tank cleaned and redesigned

    1. That is a post from 2012… 🙂 I don’t have a fish tank anymore…

      But to answer your question, the Boraras fish tank was 60 liters with a single neon tube. Yes, I did cut a pantyhose and did put peat into it… that self-made bag of peat was then put into the self-made filter you can see on the right side. The water was mixed with tap water and osmosis water… but I don’t know the exact water parameters anymore as I gave up this hobby.

      Here are some videos I shot back then…

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