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The daily abysmal stupidity which make you laugh…

Great! It´s Monday and my Weekend Reserves of Food Products has been depleted so that it was Time to go shopping for the Week.

Once arrived near the Shopping Mall, I did need a Shopping Trolley but had to put in one Euro Coin which I didn´t have. The Shopping Trolleys were outside some Meters near a small Bakery. I didn´t want to run in the Mall and ask there as the Bakery was closer to the Shopping Trolley´s.

I went in and asked the Saleswoman of the Bakery if she could change my bigger Money so that I get one Euro Coin back for the Shopping Trolley.
The Saleswoman answered that she can´t change my Money as long as I do not buy anything.

I asked her why and she answered that some Bakery´s in the City has been mugged with those Tricks. That´s what her Boss told her. She told me that Bandits first ask to change Money and when the Checkout Counter is opened, then they steal all the Money.

I said “Wait… you mean that if I would be a criminal, I would first ask you to change Money?” and “That´s what your Boss told you?” and she answered “Yes! He said this happened.”

I had to laugh and told her fictitiously with a smile in my Face “If I would want to get all the Money in your Checkout Counter, then I would rather aim first with a Weapon on your Head and then ask you for the Money or for the Key of the Checkout Counter!”. And I said if I learned as a Robber that People would not open the Checkout Counter even with a Weapon on the Head because they are brave, then I probably would buy some Buns for 30 Cents on my next Robbery so that they will open the Checkout Counter anyway to give me the Change and then I would have the Chance to grab out all the Money and that without using any Gun.

She looked at me with confused looking Eye´s, one opened and one puckered Eyebrow and didn´t find Words. I said I am just kidding and try to follow and compare Thoughts with the Logic of your Boss and said “He seems to make you all crazy!” and she answered “Somewhat true”.

I am not exactly sure how they open the Checkout Counter. I dont even want to know it as I am not a Robber but anyway the Checkout Counter needs to be opened on any way, maybe with a Key, and a Robber would find it out. I think they already know about the Safety Precaution if they Plan a Robbery. They simply would get that thing opened if they want it and if they are not completely stupid. They would get it opened with cooperation of the Sales Person or without but if not, then at least with Violence. That is the sad Truth.

Honestly.. I went out of the Bakery teary-eyed because I had to refrain from laughing. I went out without changed Money. I went up the whole Floor into the Mall without a Shopping Trolley and asked in the Mall where I anyway wanted to go shopping. The Salesperson there changed my Money and I had to walk back all the way and got my Shopping Trolley now with the new Euro Coin I got changed. I now was able to start shopping.

I bet the Women in the Bakery just had her Restrictions. Those Restrictions thinked out by her studied bureaucratically smartass of a Boss. But related to that kind of Logic they should also stop selling Buns and closing the Doors because they constantly open the Checkout Counter anyway as they need to change Money all the Time while selling Buns. I really cant understand his Logic.

Do they assume most Robber are so stupid that this kind of Safety Precaution Rule which the Staff has to follow, would prevent a Robber from stealing all the Money? I dont think so.

I really can understand Safety Rules and feel with the Topic as Robber are really a Problem but this Rule here is just absurd and puts every Visitor of the Shop under General Suspicion. I have great respect for Saleswomens which are at Risk that they could get robbed in their Shop. But the Rule of not changing Money for People who ask, is just a paranoid Rule. I feel pity for the Boss of the Saleswomen. He created pretty absurd Rules which rather cause that his Staff will feel anxious every Day on their Workday. I am not sure if this is beneficial. It also makes People think the People working in the Store are paranoid.

And… Hell! I am not a Robber.. I simply wanted Money changed to one Euro Coin that I could get my Shopping Trolley.

Sometimes there is this daily abysmal stupidity which make you laugh… can you share a similar Story or something stupid which made you laugh in your daily Life? If so, then feel free to comment here. 🙂

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