Boraras brigittae searching for Food on the Ground of my little Fish Tank

Boraras brigittae or also called Mosquito Rasbora is a pretty cute and tiny Fish. Boraras brigittae´s are great for smaller Fish Tanks because they are so little. They wont grow bigger then 3 cm. That´s maybe why some People call them “Nano Fishes”. I like them so much. I think I have at the moment 18 Boraras brigittae in my smaller 60 Liters Fish Tank.

Today I did throw some Food in the Tank which sunk to the Ground. I made a Video with my new Sony Xperia P Smartphone. I had the Idea to test the HD Camera. I think the Quality is not so bad for a Phone Camera. The Boraras brigittae´s are searching the Ground for the Food. Look how funny they are. Some of the Fish Food Grains are really big for the Boraras brigittae´s but they dont really care. These little Friends take a bite anyway and shred the Grains on this way, so that they can eat the smaller Pieces then.

In the Evening I often like to be near my Fish Tank so that I can observe the Boraras brigittae´s. They give me a great Pleasure. Hope you will enjoy the Video too.

You can find more Boraras brigittae Blogblosts here on the Blog.

2 thoughts on “Boraras brigittae searching for Food on the Ground of my little Fish Tank

  1. Hi, I like these fish as well and I’m thinking about buying around 10 for my nano aquarium, have you ever tried to breed these little gems?

    1. Yeah, they are cute little fishes 🙂 You will not regret it, they are fun to watch. I didn’t try to breed them on purpose but I think I had the right conditions. I saw them mating and spawning eggs, but I never saw the fry raising up. I had 18 borara brigittae in the tank, and later even more since they were so small and as I did use a 60 liters tank. And I think that was the issue… they don’t actively hunt their own fry, but the more boraras you have in the tank, the less likely it will be that the fry survives, that was my issue.

      You can increase the chance if you have moss on the ground, or otherthings that hides the eggs well after they fall down. For mating, I noticed they like a dark lit tank, and you might want to try to disable light for some days to increase mating chance. They like peat (turf), you can for example cut a pantyhose and fill the (feet) end with peat. In my case that worked well because I did built a DIY filter with special fish tank filter foam… behind the foam I could hide the DIY peat bag but I see your space will be limited in the nano. I also had an osmosis device for better water quality. So, I saw them in breeding mood, but had no success rairing eggs up. I did successfully breed harlequin rasboras though, but that was easier than boraras brigittae. You can still try, but breeding is difficult without additional measures like building a V-shaped fry trap where only fry can enter (with the current of water) but no adult fishes. Anyway, trying things out is always fun… if it’s not working, you can still watch these tiny beautiful fishes 🙂 Have fun!

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