Three Years Of Blogging

It´s crazy how time can fly. Today I noticed how a new WordPress badge popped up in the dashboard notification bubble. I got the “Happy Anniversary” badge with the following message…

You registered on 3 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

That means I am 36 months on board of the WordPress community and it´s basically the birthday of my blog. I am a little bit proud that I didn´t give up. But it makes me much more happy that I met interesting people here in the community. I do think that we are a powerful community and there is a lot of creativity to discover.

Therefore I do not only want to thank all those who read on my blog, who liked, shared and commented… I also do want to thank those who entertain me if I travel through my WordPress reader. Lots of interesting and thoughtful stories, lots of inspiring discussions, beautiful photos and much knowhow. This is entertaining. Thank you.

But I forgot this is the birthday of my blog. I should also honor my digital harbor (just for fun) with some confusing facts, as I did last year.

Blog Articles per Month in the Timeframe of 36 Months
Published articles per month, in the timeframe of 36 months of blogging… Click to enlarge
Blog Articles from March 2011 to February 2014 List
Overall articles and written articles in 36 months… Click to enlarge

Even if I created this blog in March 2011, it seems that I barely was interested to write articles up to the May 2012, the fifteenth month of blogging. In this timeframe I had a few months where I didn´t even publish a single article and other months where I did publish a little amount. In this timeframe my best activity was in the ninth month, the November 2011 with 12 articles but as said, my interest slowed down until May 2012. However, until May 2012 I had already 41 articles published on my blog and that was an average of 2.73 articles per month in this period.

I started to get more interested in blogging from June 2012 on, the eighteenth month of blogging. At this time, I topped the highest number from the earlier period with 19 published articles. I am not sure what did hit me in July 2012, the nineteenth month, but I thought I needed to double the publishing interval and finished the month with 43 articles. From this time on I did publish with exceptions usually so much articles like a month had days. To be exact, a monthly average amount of 29.81 articles. But sometimes I became crazy and topped all the months before with over 40 articles and ended the February 2014 even with 71 new articles. This paragraph here is the timeframe where I fell in love with blogging.

Article increase over 36 months... click to enlarge
Article increase over 36 months… click to enlarge

Overall, in the 36 month period from March 2011 to February 2014, I published 667 blog articles. This is an average of 18.53 monthly published articles over the time span of three years. Now that I finished this article, I forgot why… but it might be interesting to check out next year, if I see the next “Happy Anniversary” badge. 😀

3 thoughts on “Three Years Of Blogging

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Inspiring question…

      I think I became much more active when I bought my cheap Medion digital camera in July 2012: This would even fit with the statistics.

      I didn´t have a tolerable camera before this date and published articles either without photos or with photos I got from friends and family members. Or photos I took with my first camera (very old mobile phone) but the results were horrible.

      But I remember that I started to take photos of everything when I got my Medion camera. And I became even more active when I bought a smartphone as I did have this phone always with me and the camera of the new phone was great as well. I wrote more then because…

      I noticed, that photos inspire me a lot. After taking photos, I was in the mood to share them, writing down why I took the image, where I took the image, what happened in the situation when I took the image and so on. It´s funny how you can rediscover to become aware of the things around you, on this way. The photos constantly provided me new ideas. And a chain reaction happened.. more photos meant more stories, better visual attraction of the blog, and then more likes, more comments, more visitors and so, resulting in more motivation to go on.

      For the photo stories on my blog, it didn´t change until today. You can really use them to tell stories. I like that. But today I can even get inspired without photos and that helped me to write about other subjects too. I guess you can become more creative over time, with blogging.

      I think I got used to blogging, eventually. 🙂

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