The Roudmap To The Nikon D7100


One of the things that my blog taught me is that I pretty much enjoy taking photos. When I remember right, everything started when I noticed that I can glam up my articles with photos. I began to add photos to my articles in an ever-increasing rhythm. At some point, I didn´t know anymore what exactly I wanted to highlight and share, thoughts or photos? Today I know, both, words and images. It didn´t take me a long time to figure out that my interest in graphic design did benefit from my huge photo folders too. I had my own material now, my own work that I could edit whenever and however I wanted to, but I noticed the technical limits of my camera pretty early. I got the idea to save money for a decent camera that is both, technically and qualitatively superior to my point and shoot or smartphone camera, and secondly also complex enough to give me more freedom to create what I want, beautiful digital work. That is a plan I am working on since some time now.

Usually I dislike to show photos as the money image that I attached to my article here. Simply said, because I dislike to appeal like a prole. But my intention is a different one. I want to motivate myself, I want to remind me that I am not too far away on that route to a decent camera. I save money since some time to make my idea come true. There are other costs in my life so that it takes some time. But I am patient and I do believe that you can achieve things with persistence. Watching into my money-box, it seems I am right. It motivates me even more.

Some people did suggest that I could do it on easy terms if I am truly into photography. But I never liked the idea to get me something that I can´t pay here and now with hard cash. My philosophy is that you can´t own something that you got with a settlement made in instalments. I prefer to put money into a box that is remaining by the end of the month. That is something that I really own. I prefer to calculate how much I could save. That is something that is called realism. I don´t need banks to help me out, because I know they want me in that trap. I strongly believe that they don´t want to do you a favor, all they want is to milk you out, which is why I do it on my own.

I did put certain amounts into the box each month and I do now have savings of 450 Euro. There are additionally 150 Euro that I did lend loved ones that needed help and who will pay back. That means I basically saved 600 Euro (should be around 760 US Dollar). I have been in the inner-city last week to buy me a new jeans but then I saw a photography store and went in to take a look. I saw the Nikon D7100 that is on my radar since some time. They sell them for 950 Euro including a kit lens. That means I am just 350 Euro away to reach my goal. But I have a few things at home that I don´t need anymore but that could be worth 200 Euro and I might sell the stuff at some point on Ebay, I am just not sure yet. However, it would catapult me a few steps further and I realized that I could achieve my goal soon.

But as I am a realist and patient, my roadmap is calculated different. I think that the beginning of 2014 is a realistic deadline. It doesn´t even matter for me if I get the camera in February or two months later. I am that patient and know that this is not a long time anyway. And if I reach it earlier, it won´t disappoint me. That´s why I calculate with more time. But enough talked about the savings.

How I found out about the Nikon D7100 and why it might be the camera I want? I thought it is wise to research a lot before I throw that bunch of money on the table. One of the achievements of the internet is that you can now research on your own. Remember the time when you went into a store and all you could do is trusting the statements of a salesperson? Fortunately, this time is over. It´s so great that you can find many product related reviews or comparisons with Google. YouTube and all the video reviews make it even more perfect. There is so much you can do and it is no problem at all to dig deep into the subject if you spend time. That´s what I did and still do. I didn´t only research about photography hardware I did also research a lot about photography.

I regularly watch videos of experts who share their knowledge. I know quite a lot about DSLR photography and it is somewhat funny because I don´t even own a DSLR camera yet. It´s some months ago when I had a talk with a photographer and he asked about my camera. When I told him that I just have a smartphone and a point and shoot camera, he stared to laugh and said “Wow, cool bro! You seriously should get you a DSLR, why to hell do you know all that stuff already without even owning one?” and I answered “That´s my plan mate, that´s my plan” and he said “Well, to be honest, that is much better than the other way around!”.

I saw a lot of reviews not only about Nikon cameras but also about Canon, Pentax and others. I think they all do build great cameras if I believe the reviews but to nail it down, I had to ask myself what I want from a camera. It´s not easy but that´s basically how I found the Nikon D7100. Talking about Nikon, I know, with my money I could already get me a D5200 but saving for a D7100 is possible too as I mentioned. The D7100 is technically better than the D5200 to make it short. It´s often mentioned that you could just start low as a beginner but that´s not how I do think.

I know already that I like photography and I know that I will demand more at some point. I would regret it if I notice too early what I could have if I would just have spent some more money. To be honest, this happened to me several times for example when I started playing guitar. I still do that today and sometimes I think “Why did I buy so many cheap guitars, why didn´t I just buy a good one that cost a little more?”. I don´t want that to happen again. Back to photography, the D7100 is in my price range while everything above would be just way more difficult to save for. The D7100 as a enthusiast’s DSLR is a compromise between an entry-level model like the D5200 and the more professional and more expansive gear that is available for even higher prices. After watching so many videos and reading so many reviews, I do think that the D7100 is a real good compromise.

The main reason why I rather want the D7100 that the camera has a faster shutter speed and better burst mode and that is really something I want from a camera. This camera also has a faster auto-focus and more auto-focus points. Image quaility is noise free up to ISO 6400. Also it comes with way more features. Then the camera has two memory card slots that you can use to split or mirror files (RAW, JPEG). The D7100 has an optional battery grip. The D5200 is build with plastic while the D7100 is more solid due to the magnesium alloy material. The D5200 is more user-friendly but that is nothing positive and tells me that it will limit me at some point as it will be probably harder to get to the more advanced options (There is a reason why more expansive gear is more complex).

I probably forgot a lot of reasons why I would prefer the D7100 but it´s just clear that the D5200 is a beginner model and the D7100 more something for enthusiasts. The price of the D5100 got me tempted a few times but at the end I stayed strong. As with other interests, I am quite sure that I won´t be a beginner for a long time as I study my interests and that might make me an enthusiast, which means I could demand more then. The D7100 leave a little more margin here and fits too when I talk again about my savings roadmap, even if it takes longer. Talking about the reason why I would prefer a Nikon D7100 over a Canon D600 for example, that would just expand my article too much. Both cameras have their advantages I found out with all the reviews. Fortunately I have still enough time to research more or to change my plans. But at the moment everything looks as if I would have chosen the Nikon D7100 already. Let´s see when the time has come. At the end I should also have all the cameras in my hands once to see if I like the handling, that is a factor too. As said, it´s still some time to check that all out.

But that were some details about my plan to get more into photography. If you are photographer, feel free to tell me your opinion. You are probably way more experienced then and I would like to hear what more advanced photographers think about my plan.

6 thoughts on “The Roudmap To The Nikon D7100

  1. I think that you have done your research well Dennis. I’m not a photographer and I only have a point and shoot digital camera myself. I agree that if you are prepared to wait it’s better to save for a camera that you will be able to use for some time rather than one that will soon frustrate you with its limitations. You have done so much study already that I’m sure you will quickly move to the next level. “Buy the best equipment you can afford” is good advice for people who are serious about their hobby whether it be music, photography or computers. Good luck with the eBay sales if they happen.

    1. Yes, that is really my experience. I agree to people who suggest to start with cheaper products, no matter which hobby we talking about, but that only applies to people who still aren´t too sure if they really want to dig deep into this world. In this case it might be a good idea to start lower. My guitar was quite cheap but this guitar has so many limits that this might be the only temptation to buy a better guitar and not a camera. Anyway, my recent plan is to get a good camera, I can save for a good guitar after that. But the guitar is really a good example that low prices can limit you heavily if you get experienced. If people believe this might happen, the better suggestion is indeed to buy the best gear you can afford. That´s so true.

  2. Oh, I can really relate to “At some point, I didn´t know anymore what exactly I wanted to highlight and share, thoughts or photos?” Yep, that sounds like me..

    TY for the great read

    1. Thanks for your comment and reblogging. 🙂 I think it is really interesting how fast you can develop interest in photography. Blogging can really create the interests to dig into this world 🙂 Cool that you experienced it the same way!

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