No Beach Time Yet

No Beach Time

Self-explaining scene I’d say. It’s still not the time to go bathe in the Baltic Sea. I am happy that summer is not too far away. Swimming in the Baltic Sea is always like a healing process.

The salty air makes you feel good, the sound of the waves wipes away the accumulated stress. It’s good to walk on the beach no matter what kind of season, but it would be greater to be able to jump into the water, but I need to be patient.

6 thoughts on “No Beach Time Yet

    1. This is why it is very hard to get one of those seats in summer time 🙂 People book them for a whole season 😀 We often have to use a towel then, but that is cool too of course.

  1. I’ve never seen benches like this. They look as if they are locked when not in use but are they fixed in some way. Do people ever steal them and carry them away? I imagine you have to book them the way that people used to rent deckchairs at the beach in England when I was a child. Here of course everyone brings their own or uses the towel like you said.

    1. I believed that it could be something very typical North German. Maybe you find them in Denmark and Netherland on the coast too, but I am not sure. As Denmark is not far away, I could imagine that.

      These benches are by the way a business concept. 😀 There are hirer and they take 8 Euros (around 11.50 Australian Dollar) for a day and up to 50 Euro a week if you want to rent them. We rather use towels and use the money for something better. But you wouldn’t get a bench anyway, they are rented out before the season starts, really. It’s funny that there is so much demand to get a good chair on the beach, haha. A towel in the sand is cozy too.

      Not sure if someone ever tried to steal them outside of the season. In summer it wouldn’t be possible as you find people on the beach at day and nighttime, and also beach guards. But maybe outside of the season, maybe. But apart from that, it is probably also something typical German, outside of the season there are no guards, assuming you would want to sit on the cold beach, they probably simply don’t want you to do that for free, not even if you are the only person on the beach *laughing*. That is Germany 😀

      1. I agree, I could think of better things to do with $A11.50 than renting a chair. A towel is fine or if you are older and getting up off the ground is a problem it’s not so hard to bring a folding chair if you come by car at least.

      2. Exactly, and that is why quite a lot of people are happy with towel or folding chair as well. You save the money and can go to a nice beach bistro afterwards. For that kind of money you get a decent meal. Much better than sitting in a beach bench 🙂

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