Beautiful Outdoor Cat

I promised that I would start to take pictures of other cats and not only pictures of my own cat. Today I was walking outside to take some new pictures, and then a very beautiful cat crossed my path, you see the cat in the two picture gallery above.

If I would know the owner and he or she would say “I don’t want this cat anymore”, I’d take this cat right away to give it a new home, and Shyna a new friend. Yes, all cats are beautiful, but each cat does also have different features that make them appear interesting.

In this case, I like the fur colour pretty much. It’s the brown, nearly orange, mixed with the black that looks pretty cool. The stature of the cat reminds me pretty much of the stature of Shyna when she was younger, although her stature didn’t change that much.

The cat I met today came to me and seemed to be very confiding, and very chatty. I took several photos and was unhappy when I saw the photos at home. Only two of them were ok, the ones I attached to this post. It’s sad, but I think the two photos are not too bad.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Outdoor Cat

  1. That is a beautiful ‘tortie’ cat. The fur looks like the shell of a tortoise, that is why they are called torties in the USA. This one has a beautiful colors and even looks like there could be some Siamese heritage in him/her… Great cat!

    1. That is interesting Vera, I didn’t know that. I still remember that you taught me a long time ago that my own cat is a tuxedo coloured cat. I like to learn how different cats are called depending on the fur patterns and colours. I agree about the Siamese descent of this cat, I believe you are right.

      By the way, when I bought my cat Shyna, it was said that she is a SIamese mix too, but our vet said that can not be true because the gene for blue eyes is strong in Siamese mixes, which means my cat would have blue eyes if that would be true. But one of the parent cats of Shyna was a Siamese, I saw a photo. I just think they did not selectively breed for many generations, because one parent cat was no Siamese anyway. Asking Google I found out there can be Siamese mix cats without blue eyes, if not bred selectively for many generations. Anyway, I couldn’t convince our vet but I do still think Shyna is a Siamese mix too, that’s what the breeders said back then. The vet just wrote “European Shorthair” in her pass. Doesn’t matter too much anyway, but confused me a little bit back then.

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