Summer, Salad Time

Fresh Salad

In summer there is nothing that can beat a fresh salad, well, maybe ice cream can, but a salad gives you the same joy. Not that I live very healthy, I don’t really take care what I eat, but salads are simply the perfect dish for summer days. In the hot season there are often days where I can’t eat hot meals, on these days I prefer a salad or maybe some corn flakes with milk. But I really love mixed salads and I bet I wrote about this several times on my blog.

5 thoughts on “Summer, Salad Time

    1. I eat unhealthy in the evening too, but I recently at least started to drink more healthy… I started to drink more water instead of ice tea 😀 I always disliked pure water as it tasted too neutral, but I started to mix it with limettes and then I really like water.

      1. I also makes my water with lemons or limes sometimes. I hear that is a very healthy thing to do. Another thing I have started to do recently is to put a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar in my water. That is also good for you.

        1. Yes, I started to do this after I have read an article about it somewhere in the web. I will take a look at the raw apple cider vinegar, never noticed a bottle in our malls, but maybe I find one.

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