Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

This Friday, the WordPress Photo Challenge is about fun. I’d like to show off a photo that I shot last summer. I met my uncle outside and he had one of his dogs with him, and I was new to DSLR photography and wanted to try some action shots. I asked him if he could let his dog Jacko run, and I tried my luck to take some action photos. I did also take photos of my uncle that day, he looks so happy on the photos. I wish we could hang out like that again, but his brain tumor currently works against us all. My uncle and my aunt do still have the dog Emmi, his dog Schani died in 2015, and we sadly had to sell Jacko (the dog on the photo) due to my uncle’s disease, but we tried our best to filter out the bad people, as it was very important to find a good new owner. It’s strange how I write about so much sad stuff in a post about fun. Anyway, the photo is about a time where we had a lot of fun together, and the dog Jacko had fun too as you can see on the photo…

Black dog - Jacko

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