Beautiful Big Wheel


Here is another shot that I tried out yesterday. I saw the big wheel in one of the Christmas market areas and thought this would make a great photo. I didn’t want to have the Christmas market stands on the picture or any people, that means I looked for a good angle. I basically just wanted to have the dark sky and the colourful big wheel on the photo. I think I achieved that, and I like the angle. I shot the photo handheld at 1/30 second, f/4.8 and ISO 1600.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Big Wheel

    1. I am very good with 1/30 seconds handheld shots. I developed a technique (laugh) to hold the camera more steady with slower shutter speeds. Having the left hand below the lens and only the right hand on the camera works well. But what works too for me, is instead of having the feets horizontal aligned, I now put one feet a half step or so forward, that is a more steady standing to me. And I think I have my right elbow almost leaned to my torso I believe. However, I assume it must look funny if people see me standing like this 😀

      On this way it’s sometimes even possible to shoot 1/2 seconds handheld, but there is more trial and error at this slow shutter speed, and of course more photos to delete. Here is one example where I shot 1/2 seconds without tripod but with a decent result…

      I think my hate-love with tripods makes me want to improve my handheld techniques. But my kit lens is f/3,5–5,6 and I assume as soon as I own a f/1.8 lens, low light photography might be a lot easier.

      1. I always thought that i have steady hands until i started photography. 😉 I like the latest mirrorless cameras wich have an internal stabilization and combine it with the lens stabilization.

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