Finished Living Room

A week ago I did paint all the rooms in my apartment except one, the living room, but I did that this weekend. As expected it was more difficult than the other rooms because I had yellow paint on the wall and I needed to paint two layers on it to get it completely white. Another issue was that I had to move so many things to the other rooms, and some things in the middle of the room to be able to work on the walls. I painted the walls and did let it dry to see the real result, and then I decided to paint a second layer on it because the yellow color I used previously still came through. But now I am happy. When I moved the furniture back to the walls, I noticed a couple of other things that I disliked, but this is not about the walls.

Above you can see my wall unit. I almost wanted to purchase a new one but I didn’t do so because mine is still ok. In the picture above you can see that it has a cupboard on the right side, and previously I did attach this a bit higher on the wall. Now I decided against hanging it up again, and instead I did just put it on the lowboard where the TV is. Same for the shelve on the left side, because it was previously attached to the wall above the TV. To be honest, that is how it was advertised back then, but I really dislike that because it looks clumpy and not creative. But I am also minimalist, which means I just don’t want to plaster big things on the wall anymore except maybe modern picture frames and decorations. Putting the cupboard on the lowboard, that just worked but there was sadly no space anymore for the shelve. I thought about two options, not using the shelve at all or putting it vertical on the left side. That solution didn’t look great, but when my mother gifted me the white paper lamp, it started to look good, that’s at least what we both thought.

The scratching post of my cat would be on the right side where there is still free space, but it’s an old scratcher and I saw a better one completely in white. I’d like to purchase it because it would fit well to this wall, but I felt offended by the price tag of €150. Seriously, you pay for the name AniOne and nothing more, and I think it could be built for €50 or less. I am not someone who likes activities of craftsmen but the price tag alone did let the thought pop up. I could upholster wood pieces. Anyway, I am honest, the finished scratcher I saw definitely looked good but it’s so overpriced. They know you want to give your cat a nice play area. As you can see in the photo, my table is not tidy because I still need the tools. Also I have to move the table a bit to the left. But my couch and my work desk is still in the middle too, you just can’t see it on the picture. I’d be open to purchase both new but I have to remove bulk trash in the basement first. I saw a really nice desk at Ikea that I like because of the minimalist style.

Talking about the couch, I would like to create one with euro pallets. That seems to be a trend that I can sign, it’s pure minimalism and looks so modern. I saw finished (polished, painted) pallets in the DIY market and they are not too expensive. I dreamed about black pallets, but they paint them in white which is not bad either. With the white lamp, and if I would get a white scratching post for my cat, white pallets would probably fit well into the living room. I am absolutely not sure if I will do it, because I did spend a lot of money over the last weeks and I don’t want to go all-in, but I play with the thought and I will probably make some changes over the next months or at the beginning of the next year. For now I am really happy with the freshly painted walls, and since I made changed to the things surrounding my TV lowboard, it looks like I have more space, or less constricting and I like that. Also it’s cozy in the evening, especially with the white paper lamp…

And yes, Shyna did spot the changes on that wall right away too as you can see in the picture above. She was “jailed” in the other rooms during the time we worked in the living room. I was afraid she could drink cleanser, paint or that she could swallow up small screws or things like that. But when I did let her into the finished living room, she was very interested in the changes and seemed to be relaxed and happy after the inspection round.

6 thoughts on “Finished Living Room

  1. I can appreciate the work you put into this, it’s shaping up nicely. Shyna seems to approve, also.

    Just one small suggestion: when you arent sure what to do next, back away from it, and let the
    ideas come to you over time. Every time I try to rush a decorating idea, it fails. Leave it be for a
    day or a week, and suddenly you see what’s needed.

    1. I agree with your suggestion. That’s how I came to the conclusion that I might need a new scratch post, a new couch and a new desk. It just doesn’t fit anymore. Also I did put the things I disliked in the middle and this allowed me to get thoughts, ideas… an image how it could look like if I would purchase this and that. The desk is a no-brainer, I have everything in wallnut, except the desk it has a different wood color and just doesn’t fit into the room. The couch is old and the color is not really my thing either, which is why I did cover it up with blankets in different color. The scratcher is old and the color is odd… these three things need to go away within the next months, maybe even earlier if I can convince myself to take more savings.For now, many things are still provisional in the living room.

    1. Jup 🙂 We ate some bananas when we worked in the room. Bananas are cool when you don’t have time to cook, they are filling 🙂 No banana survived, I ate the last one too 🙂

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