Every winter or before Christmas I buy a bag of Mutzen sometimes, and they are tasty small biscuits. I am not a great cook and I can’t give you an exact recipe but as far as I know they are made of flour, eggs and sugar. The pastry is put into hot oil and the result are those cute and tasty looking pastry balls. Mutzen are a Rhenish recipe as I have read, and it was a traditional biscuit for carnival and new year’s eve. But that just seems to be the history of it, but today you will probably find them everywhere in Germany, especially on Christmas fairs or during other celebrations. It’s also possible to find them in summer if you know where. But for me, they are traditional winter biscuits. I shot the photo in this post a few days ago because I visited our Christmas fair together with my mother, and usually when we do that, we purchase a bag of Mutzen and snack them.


6 thoughts on “Mutzen

    1. They are definitely yummy! 🙂

      Haha, yeah, I discovered the old post too through the related section. It’s quite funny, after all these years it’s sometimes interesting to find posts that I almost forgot. 🙂

    1. I think I did prepare something very similar back then with my half-sister together and she showed me how to do it. It’s basically an apple version of the Mutzen 😀 Not sure how to call it but there is one kitchen tool you can use to poke a hole into an apple in the middle. After that you can slice the apple with a knife and every slice will have a hole in it. Then we prepared the pastry which was the same you would use for Mutzen I think… and then you can drown the apple slices in it. And then it’s the same concept, boil it in hot oil. The result will be apple slices coated with very tasty pastry 🙂

      Also I do think that I prepared the real Mutzen with my mother once during Christmas when I was a child. But you know how some boys are… some think that the kitchen is like a scientists lab 🙂 That’s definitely me. 🙂

      I am glad you found the recipe. You definitely should try this out. Maybe you even find the apple doughnut version. I think here locally we just called them “Apfel Ringe” which would literally translated mean something like “Apple Rings”. No matter what you try first, it’ll be very tasty 🙂 I hope you will like it too.

  1. I wish you did have a recipe. I’m looking for something different to make over the holidays and that sounds really interesting, although I’d probably rebel at all the hot oil. Maybe I’ll just go back to making corn bread!

    1. I think you’re in luck… Judy posted a link to a German Mutzen recipe:

      Also I spoke with my grandma today and she mentioned that they made Mutzen everyday when she was younger. I might ask he if she still knows how to do it, to see if she did it the same. But I don’t think that the recipes vary a lot since it’s basically pastry that you put into hot oil so that it gets a coating 🙂

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