Pulled Beef

pulled beef with potato croquettes and tzatziki

Here is a photo I shot when my uncle was still lived. One day we tried pulled beef and since then he wanted to eat it regularly at least once a week. He always looked so amazed and when I watched him eating it felt like he forgot that he had a Glioblastoma IV diagnosis. I liked these moments because it was a difficult time. So, whenever we found something that would make him happy, we did all the best to do it again. The food you see in the picture is pulled beef with potato croquettes and tzatziki. And honestly, it was indeed delicious. Some time has now passed after his death and we’re not in sorrow anymore but there are these moments when you remember back and of course it reminds you that you miss the person. It often happens when I eat something we ate together, when I look at the old photos of that time and so on.

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