Meshify C clean case

Clean PC Case

Like I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I was building a new PC. I just waited for the memory kit to do the final steps. But I received […]

amd ryzen 5 5600x

Installed the CPU and Cooler

Waiting for the memory kit I ordered, I thought I could already install the CPU and cooler. That’s why I checked yesterday how much clearance I would have with an […]

msi b550 gaming plus photo

PC Build Preparation

As I mentioned a month ago, I’ve slowly purchased some PC parts when I spotted deals. In that post I mentioned that I’ve prepared the mainboard BIOS to be able […]

playing my lemon drop guitar

Playing my Vintage V100 Lemon Drop

I just found a video that I recorded a while ago. It’s actually an interesting solo jam over a backing track I created. But I wondered why I haven’t uploaded […]

kitty in the box

Kitty in the Box

Like always, I did let my cat use the cardboard box of my online delivery. But it seems like she got bored of it after three days. I then used […]