New Salad

My mother told me that she found a new salad recipe. It’s basically salad combined with Spaetzle (South German pasta, we actually write it “Spätzle“). Before you ask, yes, Spaetzle deserve an own name because they’re tasting different than noodles. So, you basically cook the Spaetze and after they cooled down, you combine them with all kind of things such as freshly cut radishes, green leaf lettuce, maybe some red ones too and don’t forget cherry tomatoes (yes, the little ones). Plus points if you add some  cubes of ewe’s cheese and a few freshly picked parsley  leaves (truth told, … Continue reading New Salad

The New PC – System Specifications and Pictures

As previously mentioned, I wanted to upload some final images of the PC I did build as the RGB LED’s look kinda cool. So, at the top you see the PC without the dark tempered glass side attached yet. I can control the LED’s of both memory sticks individually, I can control the mainboard LED’s and the GPU LED’s individually as well. But as you can see, I like it simple and have them all set to one color, I am going with blue right now. Below, you will find a photo of the PC with the glass side attached, … Continue reading The New PC – System Specifications and Pictures