Emmi And Charlie

Here is a photo of Emmi and Charlie together. I shot the photo yesterday in my mother’s garden. Both of them did pant, because it was a very hot day and as they both ran a lot. We had a big bowl of water for them, and we had to refill the bowl so that they always got fresh water as they were very thirsty.  If you like, you can check out all my other dog photos and dog stories. Continue reading Emmi And Charlie

Beautiful Black Dog

My uncle’s dog Emmi is very beautiful, and she is also very photogenic. Today she enjoyed the weather with us all in the garden, and she could play with Charlie. They both did use the lawn to play, but they also jumped through the plant bed and that was not so good. My mother and her husband planted carrots, potatoes, beans and so much more. The husband of my mother was not so amazed when the dogs jumped through the crops. Continue reading Beautiful Black Dog

Charlie Likes To Watch Wildlife Documentaries

I saw this now a few times, Charlie the dog of my mother is always curious about the TV, especially when animals are moving across the screen. I am glad my mother shot some images of him while he is in front of the TV, because it’s so funny, it might make you smile as well. I definitely had to share the images with you, it’s as if he enjoys to watch TV. Continue reading Charlie Likes To Watch Wildlife Documentaries

Charlie The New Family Member

Here is something I didn’t write about yet as I was quite lazy in the past. As I mentioned previously. Billy went to the dog heaven, but my mother and her husband decided not to get a new dog right away, but then they noticed that it’s so different without a dog and decided to start searching for a new one anyway. They finally found one, he is already two years old and the previous owners didn’t have time anymore, they wanted to find a new family for their dog. My mother and her husband met them and while drinking … Continue reading Charlie The New Family Member

Rest In Peace Billy

Bad news, Billy the dog of my mother and her husband died today. He became 16 years old, almost 17 years old, he reached a proud age. He got more and more health problems over the last two years. Over the last weeks he looked very tired, and today I got a phone call and my mother said that they would bring him to the vet now, as he was not able to walk on his own legs anymore since today. Later I got another phone call, my mother told me that he had serious problems to breathe in the … Continue reading Rest In Peace Billy