SWTOR 7 Days Trial Invite arrived to my Email Account. This will be probably again a devastating Impression if I use it.

So today I opened my Email and found this mysterious 7 Days Trial Invite for Star Wars the Old Republic. Hey, I tell you… if you are SWTOR Fanboy, you better stop reading right now. I do not have any problems to slander about this to fast released and so much praised boring Game.

So now I can choose. Should I check out SWTOR again? I am not sure.
I´ve tested the Game several times in Beta and it was somewhat horrible.
Later some friends did fall for all these “bla bla bla” Statements of the BioWare Devs and bought the Game.
I was again able to test the Game because of these Friends.
Sure.. when my Friends reached Level Cap, the screaming was loud.

But really.. that this Game will schock some People, it was clear for me in the very first Hours of playing the Beta.
The first impact you notice while playing, is the very ugly User Interface which doesn´t even have any options for customization, resize and so.
Some time ago I logged in and with my big LCD screen and resolution, all I noticed was the UI. A huge and ugly UI. I just thought, “BioWare? Where did you find your
so called Grafic Artist´s?”. I never seen such an ugly User Interface. And you know what? At this time they did celebrate ther UI on the Product Homepage pretty much. For my Part I just did ask my self how can it be that such a “Fail of Design” can go through hundreds of Dev´s without thinking “Oh my God! We can´t realize the Game with such a shit on board!”.

Apart from this, the Game was lacking in a lot of more Areas.
Combatlog? Not there. Macros? Not in the Game. LUA Addon support? Not there. There was so much I found which should simply be in a Game of the Year 2011 that I stopped counting them all. The whole Client and Game was just dead. Simply an unpleasant coded Software praised as the “Best Game ever..”.

The Character Editor was a complete Joke. I was able to choose between some Body- and Facetemplates and not more. This is usualy the Part where I stop ranting if the whole Game is just great like World of Warcraft. But hey you must still say SWG a Game from 2003 had a better Character Editor on Board then SWTOR, a Game from 2011! Next.. I noticed..
The whole Word was not alive. Every minute I just though I playing in a lifeless virtual World. I´ve seen tons of Games and usualy the virtual Enviroment is pretty much alive. Nevermind if you look to the Ground and see some little Rabbit´s make a race near your.. or if you notice this pretty little virtual Flower on the Ground which is dancing in the Wind. This kind of Life makes a Game alive. SWTOR dont has it.. it is not alive. You notice it is a fast coded lifeless Game.

Apart from this, a lot of Planets are just created like a tube. You run from a to b and from b to c.. but without detours. You are caught between Hills or Walls.
The Game simply doesn´t let me explore the World. I did love exploring huge Worlds like in World of Warcraft! Today my friends did tell me that there are some bigger Maps in the later Levels. But they said it is nothing special. Just boring.


Really they called it innovative. You know why? Because of tons of Cutscenes (Animations) with Voice over.. because the Game is full of Story.. Because of Voice Over.. Story.. Voice Over.. did I mention the Story? There was a time I stopped watching SWTOR Interviews, Preview´s and so, because BioWare started to be annoying with there Voice, Story, Voice, Story bla bla bla. And that they praised these two Segment´s of ther Game as innovative was making me say “FACEPALM”. They probably did forget that they developed already Games with Story and Voice over like Kotor (Knights of the old Republic) and Kotor 2 or Mass Effect´s. In there own House! Yes own Product´s!
Apart from this Fact I did play Games with Voice over and Cutscenes in a time long before SWTOR came in Beta.

So after just some Hours the whole thing started to be Amusement how a Company of hundreds of People want´s to release the Game next Week´s. This Amusement was the only reason I played some Hours more..

Right, there was tons of Story in the Game and I must admit that I did like some Parts of the Story. Hey I played Kotor Games and Mass Effect´s Games already. But SWTOR was praised as an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). But every second it did rather feel like a singleplayer Game. But as I said I wasn´t able to see the Endgame as I just arrived at Level 20 in Beta. But as my friends bought the Game after the Beta, I was able to ask them and to play the Endgame.
They said the class story part was exiting, but the rest of the Game was just a waste of money. And they said, the main Problem is that you notice it at max Level when you already did purshase the Game and spend a monthly fee. Waste of Money. They said there is not much interesting End Content and most of them stopped to play the Game. Someone told me that they joined a huge Guild of 40 People´s or so. Later they noticed no one is online anymore. Looks like they stopped to play. Today one of my Friends is still playing the Game but only because he got free Game time. He said the Server is empty. There aren´t much People playing on ther Server anymore. Time for Servermerge so early huh? No. BioWare dont want to do it. I mean I do understand it. I guess the Investor´s wold scream. The Servermerge is usualy a sign that the Game failed. Especially if they are merged so early. So hey BioWare.. I do understand you that you dont merge them. Better dont give a sign out that the Game is already about to die, so early, otherwise People who are unaware of this fact, wont buy more of your copy´s.

The best joke of the Game was that they added Space! Yea! Space fights! I had to see this and visitied a friend. BioWare? How can you add a tunnelshooter Feature like from 1990 in a Game released 2011? Did I miss anything? Again I just can compare this SWTOR space to the space feature of SWG released 2003 which is way better! This Tunnelshooter in SWTOR is a complete joke, really!

I know I mentioned a lot of Problems with the Game. I bet there was more but I cant remind them all. It was horrible.
But the last thing I really need to mention is the Engine. It seems so that the whole Engine is a desaster. AT least what they made out of the HeroEngine. The Ability Delay and Character Responsiveness is a complete Horror. Its not so fluent and hot like in World of Warcraft where you do spell and the spells just come out so fluent, which makes the gameplay perfect. In SWTOR everything feels just like delayed. The whole engine is not fluent enough for a MMO. It is annoying.
No.. its not FPS lag or Latency problem. It´s the Engine which is just not fluent. It is very well explained here in the SWTOR Forum´s: Ability Delay and Character Responsiveness.

I stop ranting now and I am aware that my Blogpost is a devastating judgement about the Game. But I just speak out what me and my Friends did feel while playing the Game. The rest is up to you BioWare and EA. If players leave your Game, then it is not due to any rant in a Blogpost.. it is simply because your Game is devastating bad in the eye´s of many People. For a 300 million project it is embarrassing.

But why do I say this? You propably noticed it already and this is why you send out Mass Emails with invites to a 7 Days Trial. After hear from my Friends that you have already a lot of Ghost Server´s, this seems to me like a necessary Idea.

So again. Should I check out SWTOR again? Even after my devastating Impression of the Game? After EA Louse was so right? Well I will do. But I dont expect much. And I bet I wont buy the Game after the Trial. At least for the Amusement, the Trial arrives opportunely. Also I do not have any Evidence in form of a Screenshot for this or a future Blogpost. So I can catch up on it now. However.. it is clear that I maybe would buy and go through the Game if it wouldn´t have a monthly fee. I pay my monthly fee in World of Warcraft but there it is justified because it is a great multiplayer Gamer with a lot of Content. But this is what Star Wars The Old Republic just couldn´t offer me when I´ve played the Game on my Friends Computer. When the Class Story´s are the only interesting thing in the Game, then I just can call it again singleplayer Game and there I dont see a monthly fee justified. And I do stop here with a Quote of one of my Friends: “The whole Quality and Content of the Game doesn´t justify the buying price and monthly fee.” Point.

End of the rant.

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