Daily Prompt: Great Expectations

My Cat Black And White

Today the Daily Prompt asks “Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?” and I really can relate to this question.

After tons of photos that I took with my point and shoot camera or smartphone, I really would say that I am interested in taking photos. While I do think that you can get great results on this way, I also found out the limitations of the hardware. I have the idea in my mind to buy a DSLR or SLR camera and I thought I could accomplish this by the end of the year.

At the moment I did put already 400 Euro on my side and that’s about 550 Dollar. Since I already know that I would use this thing quite often, I wouldn´t go for a beginner model. My plan is to save maybe 1300 or 1500 Dollar and I think I could get a decent camera for this bunch of money. It really depends if I would buy a camera kit inclusive lens or not. I am not sure about this yet. I am not even sure what kind of camera I would buy but I researched already a lot but I would only make the decision when the time has come.

The Sony Alpha SLT A77 got really my attention. Or maybe the Nikon 5100 or 7100. For Canon I stumbled over the 70D or the Canon 600D. But I saw many more. I did even saw reviews about the Pentax K-5. But as said, as I still don´t have enough money together, I just do read or see videos but I wouldn´t make a decision yet.

There are many reasons why I would want to own a DSLR. One of the main reasons is that I would like to be able to change lenses. I would eventually like to get a macro lens later on because I really enjoy photos of plants, flowers and tiny insects and what not. That means I am aware that there will be more expenses in the future but this seems to be quite common with creative hobbies.

I also do want a camera that is super fast in taking images. I would like to take multiple shots in seconds, I also would like to play with depth of field and so and I really dislike to use the auto focus of my point and shoot camera because I would rather like to manually decide where the focus is. I also came to the idea to get a DSLR because I really need RAW files and jpg with very high resolutions so that I will get some benefits from it when I edit the images with Photoshop. Also it is not possible to take night photos with a cheap camera but I would like to do that. I really need a camera with high sensitivity to light and good ISO. I think I could go on but the main point is that I really need a camera where I can do all this sort of thing and that is much more complex.

It was really hard for me to decide for what I want to save money. I think I mentioned a few times that I have some expansive interests and as a guitar player I also had a new and better guitar on my list, but I can´t afford both dreams, at least not in the same year. But as I have already a guitar. a new one could wait. I am spellbound by photography at the moment and meanwhile I can still play on my guitar even if I have now higher demands there too.

Only thing that could really set me back with my plans is that I would find a kitten. I had the idea to get a second cat, so that Shyna has someone to play with and due to some other reasons. I go through the local classifieds and did subscribe to them to be up to date. I also do plan to visit the animal shelter and so but at the moment I didn´t find what I am seeking for. In our town it is much easier to find long hair cats but I rather would buy one with short hair as Shyna. I do like Siamese cats for example but it does not have to be one. Meanwhile, if I find one, it could indeed set me back with my savings as there would be vet costs and so on. This is really the only situation that could extend the time that I need to get a DSLR.

So much about my great expectations and plans for this year.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Great Expectations

  1. Hi : if/when you get another cat make sure it is a kitten because Shyna is very attached to you and would not respond well to another grown cat – she would see it as threat. But cats are generally more calm with small kittens. I have lived with two cats, two Scottish terriers, two cockatiels and a pair of finches. I introduced them to each other with attention and with love, without ever having bad aggression on the part of any of these pets. One of the Scotties wanted to be picked up and taken to the cockatiels cage too see them and they would come up to him without fear … I called it the peaceable kingdom. A very happy time in my life because I so love and understand animals. Cheers!

    1. You make a good point. A friend suggested me the same. I´m actually looking for a kitten and you mentioned one of the reasons. I also do believe that Shyna would rather accept a kitten. I assume that there could be trouble anyway for some weeks or even months but I would be prepared for this case as well because I have read it could be either easy or difficult. If it´s easy then it is ok, if it´s difficult I believe I will master this time too together with the pets with patience and love 🙂

      Your example is great. It looks as you are very experienced to bring animals together. You are right, I think you can do accomplish this with love, care and attention to the animals. 🙂

      But at the moment I didn´t find a kitten. I am looking for a similar cat as Shyna.. short hair and so. Also similar behaviour as Shyna and so. It´s difficult in my town as here seems to be a trend of long hair cats. So, I am not sure when it will happen. But if it happens, I´ll take the new kitten at home and to the vet and the camera savings will be put back a little bit. 🙂

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