Be Careful Near The Edge

Brodtener Ufer zwischen Travemünde und Timmendorfer Strand

Funny title, right? It’s yet again another photo post and I had no idea what kind of title I could use and came up with this. So, be careful if you stand near the edge of a cliff! I shot the photo near Lübeck, to be more exact between Travemünde and Timmendorfer Strand at the Brodtener cliff coast. This is at the baltic sea and a very beautiful place. The original photo looked more flat, but I extracted lots of details and messed around with the tone values until I liked it.

16 thoughts on “Be Careful Near The Edge

    1. It’s absolutely not safe to go to the edge. There are two ways to walk this route… on the beach, and at top. The path at the top has fences but not everywhere… also there are signs not to go too close to the edge.

      The path at the top is absolutely safe as long as you stay on the path. Same for the beach but it might be less safe during a storm because the beach is full of fallen trees and I really don’t want to get one on the head 🙂 The beach route can be a bit more adventerous because it’s bumpy with many stones and as said dead trees, and flooded areas.

      I shot the photo with my 300mm from a safe position with a more flat slope and no trees and so.

  1. great shot and I love “writing” by simply using a photo! how cool you were able to see and have this experience in person!

    1. That’s pretty much my concept. I have normal articles too but 90% of the times I upload a photo first and see what kind of words I can come up with. So, many of my posts are indeed rather inspired by photos 🙂 It’s really a cool way to write… and easy, because it’s like showing a friend a photo and explaining it.

      The place is not far away from my hometown. It’s a 20 mins train ride 🙂 Many people who live here forget how beautiful it is at the own door step… I was the same, but photography did help me to find the beauty again at home 🙂

    1. Nope, not from the top… there is a safe path at the top and if you stay on the path you will be ok. But there are warning signs not to go to the edge, understandably 🙂 I walked below at the beach. The position where I shot the photo was safe because I was standing on a more flat slope that I could easily walk up and shot with the 300mm tele zoom to get a photo of the more dangerous looking cliff in front of me. 🙂

    1. It looks higher on the photo than it is, and I think the clouds help to make that impression. But it’s about 20 meters at the highest point…. still I wouldn’t like to fall down there 🙂

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