13 thoughts on “By The River

        1. Depends. I used Photoshop a lot but that’s a bit over the top for just photo editing. Over the last two years I started to use Lightroom on a regular basis.

          On top of that I have the Nik Collection plugin bundle installed for it where I create my own presets or “recipes” as they are called in the plugin. I do especially like the Color Efex Pro part (which I heavily used with the photo above) and for black and white stuff the Silver Efex part.

          Lot’s of possibilities and easy workflow!

        2. Hmmm… I’ve been using Lightroom CC online and before that the all the various Lightroom versions before that. I just started to dabble in Photoshop. I like learning different things on all software. I have heard of the Nik Collection, but have not messed with those. I have not heard of Color Efex Pro. I will have to look into that.

        3. Color Efex Pro is in the Nik Collection. Yes I suggest to try it out. It works so well together with Lightroom.

          It has some pretty cool filters and every individual filter can be adjusted. If you mix them together, you can create your own recipes. You can get pretty creative with that 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 I am glad you like this one. Yes, I like that orange or yellowish tone. Experimented with it and decided to go for it with this image 🙂

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